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Yasmine Al-Bustami: Empowering Women of Color Through Versatile Performances on Stage and Screen

Yasmine Al-Bustami has swiftly ascended from a background in finance to a burgeoning career in entertainment, showcasing her versatility across both stage and screen. Hailing from Abu Dhabi with a mixed heritage of Palestinian-Jordanian and Filipino descent, her upbringing in Texas initially led her to pursue a career in finance. However, a sense of unfulfillment propelled her towards a more exhilarating path.

Despite lacking formal training in acting, Al-Bustami recognized the importance of securing auditions through representation and diligently reached out to agents in Dallas. Her initial contact with an agent revealed her novice status, prompting the recommendation to enroll in acting classes. Undeterred, she immersed herself in training in Dallas before leaping to Los Angeles.

Al-Bustami's foray into acting commenced with a brief stint in a health commercial, paving the way for her television debut in "The Originals" as Monique Deveraux, a recurring antagonist in the first season. Presently, she graces the cast of the popular spinoff "NCIS: Hawai’i" and the theatrical adaptation of "The Chosen," portraying the character of Ramah. Her role in "The Chosen" unfolds gradually, initially showcasing a flirtatious dynamic with Thomas the Disciple in season one, evolving into a deeper connection throughout subsequent seasons.

Navigating the entertainment industry posed challenges, particularly in garnering parental approval and securing roles reflective of her ethnicity. However, Al-Bustami found empowerment in representing women of color, notably in the dark comedy series "Immigrants." Produced by her friend Mustafa Knight, the show offers a fresh perspective akin to "Friends" but with a diverse cast, exploring the complexities of American identity through humor and storytelling.

Al-Bustami's involvement in "Immigrants" resonates deeply with her immigrant background, providing a platform to authentically express her experiences. This opportunity reaffirms her gratitude for roles aligned with her identity and underscores the significance of inclusive storytelling.

Al-Bustami's journey from finance to acting epitomizes resilience and determination, culminating in a diverse portfolio of roles that resonate with audiences and reflect her multifaceted talent.

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