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Repossi Unveils First Official Ramadan Campaign Featuring Saudi Talent Alanoud Al Turki

Place Vendome's iconic jewelry house Repossi is proud to unveil their first official Ramadan campaign featuring prominent Saudi talent and cover star Alanoud Al Turki, showcasing pieces from the exquisite and culturally inspired Serti sur Vide, Antifer, and Blast collections that the Maison is renowned for.

Alanoud Al Turki brings a unique blend of grace, sophistication, and cultural authenticity to this campaign by gracefully embodying the spirit of Ramadan and timeless elegance, mirroring the values that Repossi holds dear.

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Repossi is proud to embrace diversity and inclusivity by casting a spotlight on the beauty and talent of Saudi Arabia, while celebrating the richness of Middle Eastern culture and acknowledging the importance of representation in the fashion industry.

For this campaign, Repossi casted a spotlight on the Serti sur Vide Collection and partnered with Alanoud Al Turki in honor of the Maison celebrating their 10th anniversary of this iconic collection in 2024.

The Serti Sur Vide collection by Repossi is a breathtaking fusion of modern design and timeless elegance, revolving around the enchanting concept of the floating diamond. Inspired by the idea of "setting on emptiness," each piece artfully incorporates negative space to create the illusion of a FLOATING diamond, achieving a delicate and ethereal aesthetic. This innovative approach redefines traditional jewelry settings, offering a unique and captivating expression of sophistication.

The Antifer collection by Repossi is a mesmerizing exploration of architectural precision and natural beauty. Inspired by the rugged cliffs of Antifer in Normandy, France, each piece reflects the dynamic harmony between the raw, jagged forms of nature and the refined craftsmanship inherent in Repossi's design philosophy. This collection seamlessly marries bold, sculptural elements with delicate detailing, offering a contemporary and evocative interpretation of the coastal landscape that serves as its muse.

Repossi's Blast collection is indeed distinguished by its innovative "ribbon turning" design, a groundbreaking technique developed by the house. The iconic Blast rings feature a dynamic ribbon-like band that appears to twist and turn around the finger, creating a sense of movement and fluidity. This design not only adds a mesmerizing visual element but also symbolizes the dynamic and transformative nature of the forces that inspired the collection.

Repossi is available to purchase in the UAE at the Repossi boutique in Dubai Mall, and online at Farfetch.

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