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“Imagine Picasso”: A Captivating Interactive Art Exhibition at Laysen Valley, Riyadh

Laysen Valley in Riyadh is now hosting "Imagine Picasso," an interactive art exhibition presented by the Visual Arts Commission, through March 3. Employing cutting-edge display techniques, the exhibit offers a fresh perspective on the world of Pablo Picasso, delivering an educational journey in both Arabic and English while presenting art in a captivating manner.

A highlight of "Imagine Picasso" is a sprawling wall adorned with images from over 200 selected paintings, accompanied by their titles, dates, and origins, providing visitors with a sense of wonder and discovery. The immersive display, which is age- and language-inclusive, is meant to evoke emotions, inspire dreams, and provoke thoughts, catering even to the youngest of attendees.

Licensed to Encore Productions by the Picasso Estate, "Imagine Picasso" is a collaborative effort led by creators Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, in close partnership with art historian Androula Michael, an authority on Picasso's oeuvre. Using Image Totale technology pioneered by Albert Plecy in France during the 1970s, Mauger and Baron bring Picasso's world to life, allowing viewers to freely explore and engage with the visuals surrounding them.

Recognized as a pioneer of the cubist movement, Picasso's influence as one of the most prominent artists of the 20th century is showcased through projections of over 200 of his renowned works. Beyond showcasing his paintings, the exhibit delves into Picasso's diverse eras and topics, providing a comprehensive look at his evolution as an artist, as noted by a visitor who appreciated the portrayal of family in his realistic pieces.

"Imagine Picasso" showcases paintings from renowned museums worldwide, including the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, the Musee Picasso in Paris, and the Museu Picasso in Barcelona, providing a unique glimpse into Picasso's genius.

Beyond the conventions of the traditional art display, "Imagine Picasso" travels to different cities annually, offering a unique exploration of Picasso's creative legacy. Tickets for the exhibit can be purchased at

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