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Empowering Women in Saudi Music: DJ Viva's Journey Towards Inclusivity and Growth

Renowned for her fervor for music and entertainment, DJ Viva has established herself as a leading figure in Saudi Arabia's music industry. Making use of her education and professional experience, she combines her knowledge with her passion for music to craft a distinctive and enthralling sonic identity. In a recent interview, she emphasized the importance of infusing creativity into one's work, viewing it as a personal contribution to the world.


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Her commitment to spreading joy through her compositions is palpable in her EP "Velvet Electricity," released under MDLBEAST Records in 2022. Beyond her artistic endeavors, she advocates for the empowerment of women in the music scene, recognizing their collective impact on shaping a vibrant and diverse industry landscape.

From intimate gatherings to high-profile events like the Red Sea Film Festival and the Riyadh Season Parade, each performance holds significant meaning for DJ Viva. One memorable occasion involved bringing solace to a woman battling breast cancer, showcasing the profound ability of music to foster connection and uplift spirits.

Juggling multiple roles as a DJ, entrepreneur, aerialist, and co-owner of Sensation Art Gallery in Jeddah presents its challenges. Even though DJ Viva is aware of the false sense of balance, she nevertheless carefully assigns and prioritizes her work to maximize her time. She attributes her success to her business acumen complementing her creative pursuits, believing that each facet of her life enhances her capacity for creativity and personal development.

Looking ahead, DJ Viva plans to unveil new releases in March and later in the year. Offering guidance to aspiring female DJs and producers she emphasizes the value of taking advantage of resources in Saudi Arabia's thriving music industry. Whether it's leveraging technology, attending workshops, seeking mentors, or utilizing studios, she encourages emerging artists to embrace growth opportunities.

Furthermore, she advises artists to cultivate their unique style, collaborate with peers, and persistently pursue their passion. DJ Viva's journey exemplifies not only her musical prowess but also her dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for aspiring artists in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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