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Saudi Arabia Takes Lead in Global Space Debris Mitigation Efforts at Riyadh Conference

Saudi Arabia is actively involved in global efforts to address the increasing danger of space debris, as demonstrated at the Space Debris Conference held in Riyadh. This conference, focused on "Securing the Future of the Global Space Economy," brought together over 260 leaders, experts, and speakers from 50 countries. Organized by the Saudi Space Agency in collaboration with key international bodies, the event concluded after hosting four discussion sessions and four keynote speeches.

During the conference, there was a strong focus on Saudi Arabia's dedication to understanding space debris challenges, crafting policies for the space sector's economic security, and advocating for technological advancements to address these issues. Attendees stressed the importance of preserving space for future generations and proposed an intergenerational charter to ensure space sustainability.

The conference featured proposals for future solutions aimed at mitigating risks and securing Earth's safety, demonstrating Saudi Arabia's commitment to fostering cooperation for space sustainability. The Kingdom reaffirmed its dedication to enhancing the space economy and advancing space innovations for the benefit of its citizens and humanity as a whole.

The Saudi Space Agency aims to bolster its position among top spacefaring nations through groundbreaking initiatives like this conference, the first of its kind in the region. By prioritizing extensive scientific research and exploration efforts, the Agency is dedicated to serving humanity while also reaffirming its commitment to planetary protection and advancing space exploration frontiers.

Luc Piguet, CEO of ClearSpace, delivered a keynote speech titled "Mission to Remove Space Debris from Earth’s Orbit," addressing the pressing need to address space debris removal efforts. He highlighted the substantial costs associated with debris removal and urged for global solutions and deeper international collaboration.

At the conference, experts from organizations like King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and Launchspace Services led discussions on space debris mitigation and removal. The need for legally binding regulations to ensure operator accountability and promote creative solutions was stressed by the participants. The chief operating officer of Launchspace Services, Marshall Kaplan, recommended that the Saudi Space Agency take the lead in an international initiative to develop innovative technology for debris reduction.

Kevin O’Connell, founder and CEO of Space Economy Rising, commended Saudi Arabia for its leadership in unifying global efforts to address space debris, citing international agreements like the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 as crucial in promoting peaceful uses of outer space.

Panel discussions during the conference addressed various aspects of space agency cooperation, policy implementation, and the role of licensing bodies in tackling the space debris challenge. Overall, the event underscored the imperative for international cooperation in ensuring a sustainable future for space exploration and utilization for the benefit of all humanity.

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