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Leadership Profiles in Development, Investment, and Innovation: Khloud Al-Tamimi, Ghada Altasan, and Noha Al-Harthi

These pioneering women lead diverse initiatives: one in education, training, and sustainable development; another in bolstering industrial manufacturing activities; and the third in robotics and emerging technologies. Their collective efforts shape innovation, fostering progress across multiple sectors with determination and expertise.

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Khloud Al-Tamimi, Chief Executive Officer of Mawaddah Development Association

Khloud Al-Tamimi, CEO of Mawaddah Development Association since 2016, leads initiatives in education, training, and sustainable development. Under her leadership, the association implemented internal systems and earned ISO certifications. Al-Tamimi prioritizes institutional frameworks and sustainability standards, develops strategies with key indicators, and established a technology department. With over a decade of experience in strategy and operations, she fosters growth and engagement. She co-founded the Cooperative Lawyers Association and Aman Association and is involved in community support organizations. Previously, she managed women's investments and contributed to Kingdom Company's projects. Al-Tamimi holds a bachelor's in English translation and a master's in business administration, with recent completion of the Harvard Business School program.

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Ghada Altasan, Regional Investments Tenant Attraction Manager at Oxagon, NEOM's industrial port city

Ghada Altasan, as the tenant attraction manager for regional investments at Oxagon, NEOM's industrial port city since early 2021, focuses on bolstering industrial manufacturing activities. Collaborating with stakeholders like the Saudi Industrial Development Fund, she implements programs catering to sector needs. With almost a decade in banking, Altasan held managerial roles across the Kingdom. At the Saudi Central Bank, she advised the deputy governor and directed training and development, enhancing staff skills through global partnerships. Her international stint at the Central Bank strengthened regional engagements, including meetings with the IMF and World Bank. Altasan's managerial expertise spans vendor management, IT planning, and financial management. She holds a bachelor's in accounting and completed a leadership program at the University of Michigan.

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Noha Al-Harthi, Manager of Robotics and Emerging Technologies at NEOM

Noha Al-Harthi has led NEOM's robotics and emerging technologies department since 2020, driving advancements in robotics, human-machine interfaces, and computation. Recently appointed to NEOM's executive committee, she pioneers cutting-edge solutions within the public safety department, aligning with NEOM's expansive ambitions. Her notable contributions have earned national and international acclaim, including the esteemed "Science and Technology Woman of the Year" award. Being the first Saudi woman to fly a drone and overcome challenges, Al-Harthi advocates for women in technology and spearheads initiatives promoting STEM education, particularly for marginalized youth. With a background in high-performance computing and artificial intelligence from King Abdullah University, her work emphasizes technology's role in societal advancement.

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