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Fuel Creativity, Inspire Growth, Foster Development this February

This month embark on new adventures and experience novel encounters to fuel your creativity, inspire growth, and ignite a passion for learning, fostering a continuous cycle of exploration and personal development.

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Al-Ahsa, Asfar Lake (Yellow Lake)

You and your companions will gather at a specified meeting point before embarking on a two-hour desert safari adventure. Hop into a jeep and explore the stunning golden dunes near Yellow Lake, dressed in comfortable attire and footwear.

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Alkhobar, Attend French Classes

Enroll in French courses taught by Lamis Altayyar in Alkhobar, emphasizing contemporary slang and correct pronunciation. Delve into the origins of French, a Romance language, and gain skills in self-expression, including discussing personal interests like perfume and breakfast.

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Jeddah, Design Your Perfume

In-person session lets participants choose from unique oils, and create a personalized perfume in a 20 ml bottle with a name sticker. While not educational, attendees can learn scent basics at Resa Perfumer workshops in Jeddah on February 8-10, open to all.

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AlUla, Dadan & Jabal Ikmah Heritage Day Tour

Discover the ancient civilizations of Dadan and Jabal Ikmah on a 2-hour tour amidst desert canyons, exploring ruins, inscriptions, rock art, and petroglyphs. Advanced booking, limited group size, and age restrictions apply.

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Dhahran, Etel Adnan Exhibition

Ithra has initiated a retrospective exhibition honoring the Lebanese artist Etel Adnan to celebrate her works. The exhibition is held at Gallery 2 within the museum, opening at 9 am and running until June 29, 2024.

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Dhahran, "Searching for Light" Exhibit

The "Searching for Light" exhibition at Ithra Museum showcases a retrospective of British photographer Peter Sanders' work spanning more than five decades, featuring around 100 iconic photographs. The exhibition portrays the traditional Islamic world and offers insight into an individual's quest for enlightenment across diverse cultures and traditions.

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Dhahran, Stories on Wheels

Ithra's immersive bus experience, inspired by Once Upon A Bus, offers storytelling and interactive activities for all ages in Arabic and English at Lush Gardens until April 6th.
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Riyadh, Layali Diriyah (Diriyah Nights)

Historic Diriyah's heritage farms host 'Layali Diriyah,' an enchanting open-air event. Returning after success in Diriyah Season 22/23, Diriyah Nights offers captivating evenings until March 10th, featuring art, cuisine, and live performances.

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Jeddah, Shark Dive

Don your snorkeling mask and safely explore shark-inhabited waters on this thrilling 6-hour adventure. Encounter one of the world's most magnificent shark species. This trip requires a minimum of 10 confirmed participants with diving licenses.

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