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A Saudi Periodontist and Triathlete's Insights on Ego, Decision-Making, and the Rhythms of Life

Dr. Dina Al Tayeb, a Saudi periodontist and seasoned triathlete, is boasting a remarkable record of over 20 Iron Man races. She also delves into a deep insight encompassing ego, decision-making, and a passion for drumming. She reflects that triathlons embody a profound internal voyage in which competitors seek to surpass their limitations. While the external challenges are undeniable, the true test lies in the internal journey towards self-improvement and resilience required to conquer endurance races.

Maintaining focus amidst the rigors of long-distance races emerges as a paramount challenge, emphasizing the importance of staying present in the moment. Dwelling excessively on future outcomes risks derailing one's progress, advocating instead for a mindset focused on the journey itself rather than fixating on numerical achievements or rankings.

In a departure from conventional hobbies, she expresses a fondness for African djembe drumming, attributing its appeal to the joy and spiritual connection it evokes. The communal aspect of drumming fosters a harmonious energy among participants, illustrating her appreciation for activities that nurture positive vibrations.

Reflecting on her upbringing, she credits her mother for instilling the value of an active lifestyle, defying societal norms by embracing athleticism in her own right. Martial arts, another formative influence, imparted invaluable lessons in discipline and focus, principles she endeavors to impart to her children.

As a triathlete, she underscores the importance of unwavering commitment and resilience in the face of adversity, cautioning against succumbing to ego-driven expectations. True victory lies not in external accolades but in the relentless pursuit of personal excellence, irrespective of external judgment or setbacks.

Pride emanates from her children's achievements and her professional accomplishments, notably overcoming significant challenges to attain her dream of becoming a periodontist while balancing familial responsibilities.

Central to her philosophy is the recognition of life as a series of choices, each imbued with profound implications. Embracing this agency empowers individuals to navigate their paths with purpose and accountability, transcending the role of victimhood.

Furthermore, she advocates for acceptance and unconditional love towards others, emphasizing the importance of embracing individuals as they are, including her children, as they embark on their respective journeys of self-discovery and growth. 

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