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Talal Tayeb's Toy Museum: Embracing Vintage Charm to Cultivate Shared Nostalgia and Cultural Appreciation

Talal Tayeb, 43, is known for his profound connection with his inner child, evident in his establishment of a private toy museum housing one of Saudi Arabia's largest collections. With over 3,000 pieces, including action figures, comics, movies, Legos, and more, his passion for collecting is unmatched. Despite attempts to resist, his love for 'Grendizer' remains unwavering, alongside his extensive collection featuring characters from various franchises like Marvel, DC, Disney, and more.

Dubbed the "Grendizer Base," Tayeb's museum showcases rare items dating back to the 1970s, acquired through global travels and auctions. Beyond his professional life, Tayeb spends his time crafting new items with his 3D printers or indulging in cosplay at events throughout the region.

His journey into professional cosplay began in 2015, when he gained recognition for embodying iconic characters like Grendizer, also known as Goldrake or Goldorak. Tayeb also holds the distinction of being the second Saudi to cosplay as Duke Fleed and Jumaro. Reflecting on his impact, Tayeb expresses pride in reviving beloved icons from past eras.

His passion for collecting traces back to his childhood, when he amassed action figures from popular franchises despite losing many pieces due to relocations. Tayeb's hobby has influenced his family, with his children actively participating in cosplay and sharing his appreciation for classic anime and cartoons.

Tayeb hopes to enlighten younger audiences about the allure of vintage television through his collection, fostering a sense of shared nostalgia and appreciation for cultural icons.

Looking ahead, Tayeb dreams of organizing expos and constructing a theme park featuring an extensive museum, offering indoor and outdoor activities, manga clubs, and cosplay workshops. He envisions creating a lasting legacy where enthusiasts of all ages can come together to celebrate their shared passion.

Tayeb remains hopeful that his vision will be supported, emphasizing the importance of creating a space that endures beyond his lifetime, ensuring that the joy and nostalgia he cherishes can be shared by all.

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