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Historic Appointment: Surge of Women on Saudi Journalists Association's Board

The recent elections for the Saudi Journalists Association witnessed a historic moment as nearly half of the newly elected board members were women, marking a significant milestone for the 21-year-old organization dedicated to media professionals. This groundbreaking outcome saw all successful candidates belonging to the newly formed "Future" coalition, emerged victorious by a considerable margin over competitors from independent journalist groups and other opposition lists. Comprising Editors in Chief, Deputy Editors, and senior journalists from premier newspapers and media establishments in the kingdom, the coalition demonstrated a unified front in its campaign.

Out of the twenty candidates who qualified for the election, thirteen emerged as winners, with six of them being women. Notable female winners include Noor Nugali, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Arab News, Thekra Al-Atyawi from the Saudi Broadcast Authority, and Lama AlShethry, Editor-in-Chief of Sayyidaty Magazine. Other victorious female candidates include Fatima Aloufi from the Saudi Ministry of Sports, Bushra AlRabia from the Saudi Government Communication Center, and Mai Alsharif, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Independent Arabia. The remaining seven winners include prominent figures such as Adhwan Alahmari from Independent Arabia, Faisal J. Abbas, Editor-in-Chief of Arab News, and Mamdouh AlMuhaini, General Manager of Al Arabiya.

Following the election, the newly elected board convened at the association's headquarters in Riyadh and unanimously selected Adhwan Alahmari as chairman, Faisal J. Abbas as vice-chairman, and Alrabiah as treasurer. The primary objective of the "Future" coalition is to elevate the status of Saudi journalists, advocate for improved compensation and rights, and provide them with essential training and resources to enhance the quality of journalism in Saudi Arabia. During the upcoming meetings, the board plans to outline its vision and develop a strategic roadmap aligned with the association's core objectives.

Established in 2003, the Saudi Journalists Association operates as an independent union representing media professionals in the country. Khalid Al-Malik, the former chairman of the board, who has served as the esteemed editor-in-chief of Al-Jazirah newspaper, is widely regarded as the leading figure in Saudi journalism.

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