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Exploring Emotions: Saudi Artist's Journey through Transformative Art

Areej Obaid, a Saudi artist, creates a world all her own in her studio simply by using her brush and a blank canvas. She lets her emotions lead the way. Every brilliant brushstroke captures the depths of her deepest thoughts and dreams. Obaid experiences a seamless blend of emotions, with every brushstroke becoming part of a palette full of vivid colors. At 35, the artist experiences a spectrum of emotions, from tranquil blues that symbolize contemplation to fiery reds that signify love. She finds refuge and escape from the turmoil of the external world in her Abha studio, which enables her to harness the transformative power of art to navigate the complexity of her emotions.

Obaid's brush becomes an extension of herself, displaying the secrets and truths that lie deep within. Her desires, pains, and pleasures are reflected in the canvas, which captures her unique personality. When she is fully engaged in her work, she experiences emotional release, relinquishing worries and embracing her journey of self-discovery.

During tough times, painting became Obaid's sanctuary, allowing her to express sorrow. Her lifelong passion for art, especially in drawing cartoon characters, is evident. With a background in psychology, Obaid explores human emotions through her art, depicting women in turmoil, and reflecting on her struggles. She believes these emotions foster deeper connections, enriching human experience.

Inspired by the expressionism movement, especially by the work of Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, Obaid adopts a technique that prioritizes the expression of inner feelings over accurate portrayals. Overcoming the common fear among artists of exhibiting deeply personal works, Obaid has courageously showcased her collection in numerous exhibitions across the Kingdom since 2020. She refrains from titling her paintings, preferring to allow viewers to interpret the artworks based on their perceptions.

Obaid participated in various exhibitions, including the "Art and Pandemic" exhibition by the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts. She aspires to showcase her works in global art galleries while continuing to express herself on the canvas.

Obaid advises new artists to persevere in the face of unfavorable criticism and to draw inspiration from more seasoned creators while preserving the authenticity of their work.

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