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Reemami Unveils SS24 Collection: Exclusive Dubai Debut at That Concept Store Pop-Up Event

A diverse array of fashion awaits enthusiasts at That Concept Store in Dubai, where a vibrant pop-up will showcase an assortment of long, multicolored dresses, denim pieces, and creations with Palestinian embroidery. This exclusive event, running from January 24 to February 9, features the Spring/Summer 2024 collection by Dubai-based Palestinian designer Reema Al-Banna under her brand, Reemami. The establishment specializes in creating sustainable fashion and lifestyle collections that empower women. Originally unveiled in Paris at Maison de L’Amerique Latin in October, the collection, titled "A Tin of Olive Oil," serves as a visual narrative of Al-Banna's upbringing as a third culture child in Sharjah, emphasizing her deep connection to Palestinian heritage.


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The entire collection exudes Al-Banna's unique style, defined by vivid colors, detailed patterns, and innovative cutting. The designs, which are based on her early recollections and favorite foods, represent her persona as a Palestinian raised in the United Arab Emirates. The collection is an extension of her first "Tin of Olive Oil" collection, utilizing previously unused prints. According to Al-Banna, the collection is an expression of her influences and highlights the importance of textiles in Palestine as well as her ancestry and culture.

Al-Banna explained the complex storytelling and imagery of the collection, which pays homage to her childhood. Arabic lettering is used on dresses and skirts, accompanied by old photos, flowers, and drawings of her grandparents, each of which tells a different tale. Incorporating colloquial Arabic expressions, reminiscent of her grandmother's expressions, infuses a personalized element into the artistic designs.


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Sustainability is a major priority for Al-Banna, who founded her brand in Sharjah in 2009. Her fashion firm is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact and steers clear of hazardous chemicals and materials. Instead, it uses a blend of locally sourced surplus textiles, organic cotton, and denim that has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Through her creations, Al-Banna seamlessly intertwines fashion, heritage, and sustainability, creating a collection that transcends mere apparel, telling a compelling story of identity and cultural pride. 

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