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Saudi! Explore An Inspiring Mix of Events Happening

Engage in a weekly mix of op-art, culture, music, and baking for captivating experiences. Elevate your month with cultural delights, ensuring continuous inspiration and engagement.

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Abha Al-Jahel Museum

Discover the Al-Jahel Archaeological Museum's rich collection, containing around 14,000 artifacts, paintings, and cultural items from the Asir region. The museum is open for exploration from 8 am to 10 pm.

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AlUla Desert Polo

The Richard Mille AlUla Desert Polo equestrian competition from January 17 to 20 at the UNESCO World Heritage Site guarantees a prestigious four-day, high-energy tournament suitable for the entire family's enjoyment.

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AlUla Adventure to the Red Sands

Embark on a buggy tour through the crimson sands of AlUla, providing breathtaking vistas and access to historical sites.

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Dhahran ‘Floating Landscape’

With tiered adaptable nets Net Dhahran, invites visitors to Ithra Center's Lush Gardens from 4 pm to 11 pm until February 1. Comprising interconnected flat net layers, it forms a "floating landscape," a distinctive op-art social sculpture exploring instability, levitation, and regression.
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Jeddah Celebrating Iraq

An evening of entertainment honoring Iraqi heritage will include traditional music. The event, which is set to take place at Atelier Lavie on Thursday from 10 pm to 2 am, will be hosted by musician Khaled Al-Hanin.

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Jeddah Classic Victoria Cake

Gain expertise in baking a Victoria sponge cake with Hanadi Abdulgader. Learn the process of creating frosting cream, making delectable strawberry jam, and the art of layering and decorating your cake. Reserve your place for Wednesday, January 24, from 5 pm to 9 pm. experiences.

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Jeddah Fakieh Aquarium

For an ideal weekend excursion with friends or family, explore Fakieh Aquarium and immerse yourself in the marvels of the aquatic realm.

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Jeddah Oil painting

Engage in a creativity-boosting five-day art workshop at the Passion Art Center, where you'll explore the fundamentals of oil painting.
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Riyadh ‘Beyond the Door’

Explore a cultural exhibit highlighting innovation and sustainability in Najdi doors. Honoring craftsmen's ingenuity, it presents contemporary art inspired by the craft's essence.
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Riyadh Learn Baloot

Acquire the Saudi Arabian card game Baloot’s strategies, and put your skills to the test by engaging in a round.

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Riyadh Talk to a Stranger

Reserve your spot for a session with Basma Edris, where you can engage in a social experience, connecting with strangers to share life stories and release negative emotions within a secure environment.

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Riyadh Winter Festival

The Winter Festival in Riyadh's Digital City, starting on January 4, 2024, lasting for two months, will showcase weekly entertainment and engagement through a diverse range of immersive experiences, winter installations, and various food and retail stalls.

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