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New Emirati brand ONORI Introduces Launch Collection

ONORI is a newly launching ready-to-wear label, founded by Emirati designer Sharifa AlSharif AlHashemi. As a seasoned bilingual business professional with over a decade of experience within her family’s Fashion and Beauty businesses across the USA, Europe and the GCC; AlHashemi is the leading force behind ONORI, guiding the creative, design and business goals for the brand.

Driven as a vehicle for self-expression and creativity, AlHashemi was inspired by outstanding and iconic women, from popular culture, and from her own life. Reinventing silhouettes from each era, the collection captures a sense of boldness, drama, and power through the lens of the brand.

The first collection is infused with a sense of joyfulness and mood-elevation through fashion. The feel-good pieces have a transformative effect on the wearer, channelling all the power, influence and poise of the iconic women who inspired it.

Making a bold visual statement with exaggerated silhouettes and luxurious sparkling details expresses the brand’s appreciation for the style of bygone eras. The nods to the 1960s, 70s and 80s are a running feature throughout and are key in encapsulating the whole collection.

ONORI’s collection not only includes Ready-To-Wear but also vital accessories that pull all the looks together. AlHashemi has designed ruffled and intricately beaded tulle gloves, crystallised chokers and more, adding the ability to elevate a look from the everyday to the absolute spectacular.

Emirati designer, Sharifa AlSharif AlHashemi, launches ONORI, bringing glamour, drama, and high-spirited exuberance from bygone eras to the 21st Century.

ONORI focuses on unique and sophisticated designs with rich detailing. These decorative techniques reign supreme in this debut collection, with standout features including an exaggerated vintage style collar, trimmed with oversized rhinestones, seen in baby-doll style dresses and light-as-air organza oversized shirts. Additionally, pearl detailing also acts as a key element in the collection, integrated in delicate buttons, and in eye-catching placements on beaded collars and gloves.

ONORI is available through the brand’s own ecommerce platform

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