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Extended Excitement at the Wonder Garden Extravaganza

Explore Riyadh Season’s Wonder Garden, open until January 28, spanning 500,000 sqm with Flamingo Lake, Bloom Zone, and Adventure Parks. With 70+ rides, arcade halls, and daily entertainment from 4 pm to 2 am near King Abdullah Financial District, it offers nature's beauty and diverse experiences. Enjoy 15 retail options, 26 food stalls, and 60 roaming acts for an unforgettable adventure. Activities may have varying schedules.

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Butterfly House

Get ready to be enchanted by the mesmerizing world of butterflies at the Butterfly House. As Riyadh's first of its kind, it houses over 1,000 butterflies of diverse species, offering a captivating experience. Nestled in the Butterfly Garden, you can capture stunning photos and gain insights into the vibrant world of these colorful insects.

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The Bloom

Nature-themed delights are blooming, showcasing not just roses and daisies but an array of flowers in this zone. Immerse yourself in art installations and seize the opportunity to connect further with nature in the heart of the city.

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The Bomb VR

Enter a unique challenge where you find yourself isolated in a room with an active bomb, relying on your friends who possess the manual but cannot see the bomb. Communicate swiftly and clearly as you work against the ticking clock, putting your problem-solving abilities and communication skills to the test in this intense experience.

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The Farm

Prepare for a chilling experience as you step into a mysterious farm. Farmer William has concocted a lethal poison from plant extracts that could pose a threat to humanity. Your mission is to prevent him from unleashing this dangerous substance, putting the fate of humanity in your hands.

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The Flamingo Lake

Expect ripples in Flamingo Lake as it's set to host a minimum of 50 elegant flamingos, making it a standout feature in the Wonder Garden zone.

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Xscape Reality

Don your virtual reality headsets and gear up to hunt and track zombies in this immersive attraction. The experience is enhanced when enjoyed with friends, so be sure to gather your pals before entering.

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Adventure Parks

Adventure Parks will be segmented into five zones, offering a mix of high-speed thrills and exciting turns. From adventurous rides to family-friendly options suitable for all ages, and kid-specific attractions, to skill-testing games and lively arcade games – there's something for everyone. Keep an eye out for the entertaining musical roaming shows.

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