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Budget-Friendly Adventures: Free Activities in Saudi Arabia

Searching for affordable activities in Saudi Arabia? Here are some budget-friendly suggestions to kickstart your exploration.

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Walk to the Edge of the World

Prepare for Riyadh’s Edge of the World trip. Opt for a four-wheel car, pack necessities, and travel with companions. The cliffs of Tuwaik Mountain expose arid desert views with samar, acacia, and ghodi trees, alongside marine fossils. Winter's allure is heightened by its cold, rainy weather.

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Capture the Charm of Al-Balad

The ancient district of Jeddah, Al-Balad, dating back to the seventh century, is a charming blend of history and modernity. Once the royal seaport, it now hosts diverse shops and cafes. Recognized by UNESCO, its historic walls, gates, and ancient houses tell captivating stories. Capture the charm for your Instagram story.

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Experience the Majestic King Fahd Fountain

King Fahd Fountain, a 30-year-old Jeddah landmark in the Red Sea, stands at 312 meters, visible citywide. Its captivating display enhances the Jeddah sunset, making it ideal for photos or videos from any distance. Explore diverse cuisines at Alhamra Cornish stalls, with Seven as the top kiosk.

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Explore Jeddah's Coastal Serenity

The Kingdom's celebrated port city of Jeddah is renowned for vibrant fashion, fine dining, and a lively atmosphere. With stunning coastal areas, the 30km seafront corniche, anchored by the iconic King Fahd Fountain, features the floating mosque, a standout Saudi landmark. Don't miss the captivating and serene sunset that highlights the uniqueness of the coastline path.

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Elephant Rock Sunset Spectacle

AlUla's natural rock formation, a 52-meter-tall monument to environmental artistry, becomes a breathtaking spectacle at sunset, bathed in orange and gold hues and transforming into a magnificent red shade. Ideal for families or groups, sunken seating surrounds the landmark, offering a perfect spot for capturing pictures or enjoying late-night stargazing.

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A Walk to Fitness with Mall Hopping

'Mallercise' is a safe, free alternative to pricey gyms, offering the benefits of walking and step-counting for fitness goals. Whether leisurely window shopping or brisk walking, spending an hour in a mall is a dual-benefit activity. The temperature-controlled environment makes malls ideal places for staying active without a gym commitment.

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