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Revitalize Your Workout Wardrobe: Explore Six Homegrown Activewear Brands

Discover six local athleisure brands for elevated athletic and chic styles, perfect for your active lifestyle or city errands.

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Motivated by a commitment to environmental responsibility, Activeist offers a range of sustainably crafted workout essentials. Though full sustainability in fashion is challenging, it's central to their business. They celebrate diversity and our planet by providing stylish, performance-oriented outfits to help you reach your full potential. They transcend mere clothing; they're part of a movement.

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Hunn Active

Hunn Active aims to globally empower women by providing accessible fitness with a stylish touch. Rooted in "Enclothed Cognition," they emphasize clothing's impact on self-perception and performance. Devoted to boosting confidence and optimal performance, the brand reflects each woman's unique style, celebrating artistic expressions of personal fashion. A women-led brand offering versatile activewear, featuring rib-knit leggings, sports bras, and jackets in an attractive palette.

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AMADA, designed for a contemporary and active lifestyle, boasts chic sporty designs in earthy tones, offering a second-skin feel. Each item effortlessly integrates into daily wear, prioritizing a luxurious and comfortable fit suitable for both intense workouts and casual occasions.

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Fifty Made

The luxury sustainable brand FIFTY MADE by The Giving Movement presents its first collection, which combines streetwear and athletic gear. The limited edition items, which have futuristic silhouettes and practical elements, are expertly made from a variety of sustainable materials, guaranteeing a unique and eye-catching look.

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The goal of UAE-based athleisure company IKASU is to inspire women to lead balanced lives and to lead active lifestyles. Since its establishment in 2021, the local brand has gained momentum through collaborations with influential female figures like Emirates Woman Awards winner Mona Bin Kalli and athlete Haya Sawan.

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The Truenude

A leading women-focused activewear brand, they celebrate natural beauty and individuality through versatile, contemporary collections inspired by nature. Prioritizing comfort and minimal aesthetics, their timeless pieces seamlessly transition from everyday wear to workplace, fostering a sisterhood that empowers and supports the community with confident, strong, and ambitious fashion.

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