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Soaring Ambitions: Saudi’s Pioneer Female Skydiver Aspires to Instruct Others the Art of Flying

The first female skydiver in Saudi Arabia, Razan Al-Ajmmi, has the aspirational goal of founding a school to assist others in pursuing their dreams of skydiving. The certified parachuter discussed her vision in a recent interview, which includes organizing international competitions that draw enthusiasts from across the globe to experience the scenic beauty of Saudi Arabia from an aerial perspective.

Because Saudi Arabia lacked adequate training facilities, Al-Ajmmi had to seek instruction and jump opportunities abroad to begin her skydiving journey. Undaunted, she stressed it didn’t hinder her ambitions. Her adventure with skydiving began about four years ago with an impulsive leap, which quickly turned her into a devoted enthusiast.

Expressing her profound appreciation for the sport, Al-Ajmmi highlighted the allure of the mental and physical challenges intrinsic to skydiving. She described her passion for the freedom to engage in activities of her choosing, relishing the unbounded nature of the sport where the only constraints are safety rules. The sheer liberation of soaring through the sky, unencumbered by conventional limitations, captivated her.

To attain an A-license, Al-Ajmmi underwent rigorous training involving a minimum of 25 jumps, progressing through various accreditation levels, culminating in the coveted D-license. The process involved completing an Accelerated Freefall course, designed to equip beginners with essential skills such as freefall techniques, canopy control, and emergency procedures leading to solo jumps.

Al-Ajmmi acknowledged the inherent risks associated with skydiving, emphasizing the need for quick decisions to prevent disastrous mistakes. Stringent safety measures, including the automatic deployment of a second parachute, underscored the sport's commitment to minimizing potential risks.

Offering guidance to aspiring skydivers, Al-Ajmmi advocated for a proactive approach, urging individuals to explore opportunities and work diligently. She addressed the difficulties of life, stressing that perseverance and hard work are necessary to achieve success. Her mantra, "What comes easy, goes easy," encapsulates the resilience and determination she brings to her pursuit of advancing skydiving in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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