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Loli Bahia Shines in the Newest YSL Beauty Campaign

French-Algerian model Loli Bahia takes center stage once again in the latest campaign for YSL Beauty, showcased in a video recently shared on the luxury label's official page. In the captivating visual, Bahia applies two distinct shades of Rouge Pur Coutour lipsticks: the vibrant "Fiery Vermillion" and the subtle "Scorching Brown."

The brand's caption highlights Loli Bahia embracing fiery energy, applying bold hues for a couture matte finish, enhancing the overall allure of the look.

Throughout the video, Bahia wears sleek all-black ensembles, each carefully curated to complement the chosen lip colors. The first ensemble features a long-sleeved top paired with leather pants, a classic belt, and pointed-toe heels. For her second look, she opts for a blazer combined with calf boots and tights, creating a sophisticated and stylish appearance.


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Having been named one of YSL Beauty's ambassadors in last January 2023, Bahia expresses her joy on Instagram Stories, a major turning point in her budding career. At just 21, she has rapidly ascended the ranks of the modeling industry, achieving widespread recognition following her breakthrough in the Spring 2022 fashion season, where she graced the runway in an impressive 65 shows.

Under the representation of Women Management Paris, Bahia made her runway debut in 2020 at Louis Vuitton's Fall 2021 show, subsequently starring in the brand's Fall 2021 advertising campaign. Her modeling journey has since seen her walk for renowned labels such as Chanel, Givenchy, Lanvin, and Valentino, solidifying her status as a sought-after model.


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Bahia's versatility is further evident in her appearances for Fendi and Michael Kors during Milan Fashion Week, showcasing her ability to effortlessly transition between looks. Her runway outfits ranged from a figure-hugging grey dress with matching gloves and black boots for Fendi to a black-and-beige mini lace dress paired with a cropped black blazer for Michael Kors.

In addition to her runway success, Bahia has featured in advertisements for prestigious labels such as Saint Laurent, Courreges, and Max Mara. She has also graced the cover of Vogue Italia. August saw her in the fall-winter 2023 campaign for French label Isabel Marant, exuding chic elegance in a black-and-white photoshoot that featured Bahia in a stylish sweater, tights, and a leather jacket. 

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