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Poets Night Join The Lineup Of Alula Moments Concert Series In January

The Poets Night will feature 4 mesmerising performances by Abdulrahman Mohammed, Ash, Abdullatif Yousef and Sand and Shadow Show.

AlUla Moments has announced exciting details on the line-up of artists joining AlUla Moments Concert Series at The Poets Night, adding a unique taste to next month’s action-packed schedule.

The Poets Night is a unique culture-centric concert that celebrates the art of poetry and showcases Arabian artists with live performances under AlUla’s starry night sky. Taking place on January 5th, the night will feature Saudi independent artist Abdulrahman Mohammed; the popular musician, composer, and singer renowned for taking traditional Arabic love poems and creating improvisational compositions tailored to his distinctive voice.

Abdulrahman has performed in various independent festivals and many Arabic and international theatres over the years, including Maraya, the multi-purpose entertainment venue located in the heart of Wadi Ashar in AlUla, back in 2022. This time, Abdulrahman will grace the stage performing his experimental project "The Hope Will Never End" live from Sadu Escape, the iconic retreat nestled in AlUla’s majestic landscapes where visitors can unwind and reconnect with nature and mesmerizing landscapes through poetry.

Another artist joining the Poets Night is visionary independent artist Ash, having an impressive 750 million streams and set to enchant audiences under the stars. The 27-year-old multi-instrumentalist, known for his evocative live sessions filmed in picturesque locations worldwide, seamlessly blends his Egyptian and French heritage into mesmerising electronic music. Ash's breakthrough track, "Mosaïque," a daring fusion of Middle Eastern influences, has soared to over 150 million streams and echoed against the backdrop of The Great Pyramids of Giza in a live session. His musical prowess and signature sound promise to elevate the poetic ambiance of the evening.

Joining Abdulrahman and Ash at Poets Night is renowned poet and artist Abdullatif Yousef, a successful poet standing at the pinnacle of creative excellence. Having curated and managed impactful projects such as Misk Arts Week, Riyadh Art's seminar series, and Foundation Day evenings at Ithra in 2022, he has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal International Award for Arabic Poetry.

Abdullatif continues to leave an indelible mark on the literary landscape. Noteworthy posts, from a poetic and artistic evening at the Kingdom’s Pavilion in Dubai Expo 2020 to participation in the Poetry Bridges Initiative across the United States, showcase the breadth of Abdullatif Yousef's influence. He participated also at collaborative ventures like "An Evening of Voices" and "Team" art exhibition, which underscore his commitment to interdisciplinary creativity. With an impressive body of work, including published collections, Abdullatif exemplifies a multifaceted artistic force through his performance at the Poets Night.

Additionally, the Poets Night will include a live Sand and Shadow Show, which will unveil a captivating fusion of poetry and spectacle. Through fluid poetic movement, the performers, adorned in costumes inspired by the desert sands, will bring this enchanting landscape to life. The stage is set for an extraordinary exploration of emotion and artistry, where each costume echoes the hues of the desert, creating a harmonious blend with the performers' graceful movements.

January is set to be even more incredible with more musical performances and concerts, such as Abadi Al Johar Concert (January 12th), Hegra Candlelit Classics (January 18th), Swiss Orchestra Concert (January 19th), and World Famous Tenor Andrea Bocelli (January 26th) all taking place during Winter at Tantora Festival and as part of AlUla Moments Concert Series.

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