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Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture Marks the Finale of the Year of Arab Poetry with Grand Celebrations

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture, in a grand event in Diriyah Square Hall, celebrated the conclusion of the Year of Arab Poetry, a year-long initiative overseen by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission. The official SPA news agency reported that the ceremony, attended by the commission’s CEO Mohammed Hasan Alwan and various leaders from government and private sectors, was a testament to the nation's commitment to preserving and promoting Arab poetic heritage.

The Year of Arab Poetry has been a monumental chapter in the cultural calendar of Saudi Arabia, underscoring the Arabian Peninsula's historical and ongoing contribution to the world of poetry. This region, known as the cradle of poets and poetic excellence, continues to influence the Arab literary scene profoundly.

Throughout the year, the Ministry of Culture, in alignment with its mission to support and celebrate Arab poetry, orchestrated a series of cultural initiatives, activities, and events. These initiatives were designed not only to honor the timeless works of past masters but also to spotlight the voices of contemporary poets. The endeavors have significantly enhanced the presence and appreciation of Arab poetry in both the regional and international cultural landscapes.

In recognition of their invaluable contribution to the success of the Year of Arab Poetry, partners of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission were duly honored at the ceremony. This acknowledgment serves as a reminder of the collaborative spirit that drives cultural enrichment and preservation.

The Year of Arab Poetry has not only reaffirmed the Arabian Peninsula's status as a beacon of literary creativity but has also played a pivotal role in integrating poetry into the broader cultural discourse. The Ministry of Culture's dedication to such initiatives is a clear indication of Saudi Arabia's ongoing commitment to nurturing its rich cultural heritage and ensuring its vibrancy for future generations.

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