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Saudi’s Adventures, Thrilling and Enjoyable Experiences for All!

Discover a variety of activities in Saudi, from escape rooms and canyon swings to kids' cinema, storytime, hiking, and karting, ensuring enjoyable experiences for all.

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AlUla, An Evening of Music

Lebanese legend Majida El-Roumi is set to perform a captivating concert on December 29 at Maraya, offering an enchanting night filled with timeless melodies and impressive operatic skills.

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Alkhobar, Escape Room

Invite your loved ones for a mental challenge at Escape the Room on Prince Sultan Road. Engage in nerve-wracking 60-minute challenges like "Mafia Kingdom" and "The Bank Job."
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Introducing AlUla's Giant Swing, an exhilarating new activity that involves a 100-meter via ferrata ascent to the launch point, followed by a 70-meter swing amid canyon walls.

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Dhahran, Children’s Cinema

Ithra Center's cinema will feature daily screenings of four children's films until December 30, including Hayao Miyazaki's "The Boy and the Heron."

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Dhahran, Story Time

Ithra's library hosts captivating storytelling sessions, bringing enchanting tales to life. These lively and fascinating workshops will go on until December 29.

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Jeddah, Al-Balad Excursion

Embark on an educational excursion through Jeddah's Al-Balad district, tracing a historical journey from the beginnings of Bayt Nassif to the Al-Sham neighborhood and various other historic sites.

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Jeddah, Little Asia

Discover the richness of Eastern Asian traditions and cultures while partaking in diverse activities and adventures at Little Asia. This immersive experience combines arts, food, music, and the vibes of eight distinct cultures in one location. The event will continue until March 3, 2024.

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Riyadh, Hiking

Discover the beauty and serenity of Riyadh's natural surroundings with the Storm Team Adventure Club. Guided excursions promise unforgettable moments amidst the stunning landscapes of Saudi Arabia.
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Riyadh, Karting

Motorsport enthusiasts can enjoy the excitement of racing at the multi-level indoor electric karting track in Riyadh provided by Go Karting. For details on package prices, please refer to further information.
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Riyadh, Smar

Located away from the bustle of the capital, Smar provides a range of dining and entertainment options, making it the ideal location to savor the delightful winter atmosphere of Riyadh.

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Self Discovery

Basma Edris provides an opportunity for individuals to explore and recognize their potential, abilities, hobbies, and self. The aim is to guide them towards a purposeful life path that aligns with their aspirations. 

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