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Takreem Foundation Presents 'Shining Stars of Hope': A Night of Music and Giving to Support Lebanese Artist

The Takreem Foundation, originally founded in 2009 in Lebanon, is gearing up to host a festive and philanthropic event in Beirut called "Shining Stars of Hope" on December 21 at the Casino du Liban. The aim is to bring together over 120 distinguished artists, performers, award-winning choirs, and musicians on one stage to raise funds for Lebanese artists facing economic hardships and political instability.

The inspiration for this initiative came from a poignant incident last Christmas when Takreem founder and board chairman, Ricardo Karam, received a distress call regarding a financially struggling Arab singer and actress in need of surgery. This prompted the foundation to contemplate ways to support artists facing similar challenges, ultimately leading to the decision to organize this concert as a means of fundraising.


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Notable personalities scheduled to perform during the event include opera singer Bechara Moufarrej, Fadia Tomb El-Hage, Yuri Mraqqadi, conductor Andre Hajj, and actress/singer Marilyne Naaman.

Takreem Foundation founder Ricardo Karam.

Looking ahead, the Takreem Foundation has plans to host the Takreem Awards in Muscat, Oman, on February 3, 2024, and the Takreem America Awards in Boston on April 20, 2024. The foundation, established with the goal of honoring Arab achievements and elevating Arab achievers on the global stage, and has been honoring laureates from nearly every Arab nation since its founding. It has played a pivotal role in fostering connections between North Africa, the Middle East, the Gulf, and the Arab diaspora, creating a community of individuals dedicated to excellence in various fields.

The "Shining Stars of Hope" show will be broadcast on Lebanon's LBCI channel on December 24, expanding the reach of this charitable initiative. Ricardo Karam, reflecting on the foundation's establishment, emphasized his desire to alter perceptions of the Arab world by spotlighting individuals who make a positive impact and serve as change-makers across diverse domains. Beyond accolades, Takreem aims to cultivate an environment that propels progress, leaves a lasting imprint, and provides future generations with inspirational role models.

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