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5 Palestinian Foodies to Follow on Instagram

Food plays a big role in preserving Palestinian presence and cultural heritage, serving as a unifying force that brings people together. Palestinian cuisine is rich and diverse, reflecting the region's history, society, and agricultural abundance. Whether for locals or the diaspora, Palestinian cuisine remains a source of joy, stories and memories.

Explore the captivating accounts of five exceptional food bloggers each dedicated to preserving and celebrating the culinary heritage of Palestinian and Middle Eastern dishes with a profound love for food.

For more recipes, bloggers and photos don’t hesitate to follow Your Palestine, an account that gathers an inventory of reliable culinary and cultural references.

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Hanan Saeed, @palestinianfoodie

Through her cooking Hanan Saeed combines the authentic aromas of traditional Palestinian dishes with diverse flavours from all around. Despite this fusion, her primary aim is straightforward – to preserve and promote the rich culinary traditions and identity of Palestine. Each dish she prepares is a flavorful journey through the unique cultural landscape of Palestinian food, sharing the history and personal experiences that make it special.

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Mai, @almondandfig

Growing up in Palestine, Mai cherished family lunches with aromatic and seasonal ingredients. In her bustling Chicago kitchen, her diverse recipes, inspired by Palestinian roots and American living, reflect a blend of influences from both cultures. Almond & Fig, her personal food inventory and memoir, not only shares the warmth of family meals but also honors the culinary legacy passed down from her talented mother and grandmother. The dishes featured on her Instagram profile exhibit the elegance and the comforting, homemade essence of home-cooked meals. Believing that sharing a meal expresses love and creates lasting memories, Mai inspires others to explore Palestinian cuisine, urging them to tell their unique stories and forge new traditions.

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Mariam, @mxriyum

Mariam, Palestinian food blogger and devoted advocate for Palestinian cuisine, showcases an extensive variety of dishes on her Instagram profile, from various culinary backgrounds, spanning from Manakish and Msakhan to Donuts and Ramen. All her recipes come highly recommended as she turns food into art. Her website features a clever twist in its name, “Mariyum”, a playful nod to the fact that everything showcased is truly delicious.

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Sawsan Abu Farha, @chefindesguise

Sawsan Abu Farha expresses her passion for the art of cooking, sharing her love of Palestine and people through vibrant and inviting posts on Instagram and on her website. Rooted in her Palestinian heritage, her profound affection for food is evident in every savory creation she presents. Sawsan crafts a diverse selection of recipes, ranging from refreshing drinks and appetizers to hearty breakfasts, breads, delicious desserts, and key dishes from Palestinian traditions. Through her recipes, she effortlessly blends a diverse mix of Palestinian flavors and simple recipes that don't demand any special equipment or hard-to-find ingredients, bringing them to life with each delightful dish.

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Reem Kassis, @reem.kassis

Born in Jerusalem, Palestinian cookbook author Reem Kassis has found a way of intertwining culture, history and politics with food. She has two books under her name “The Palestinian Table” published in 2017, and “The Arabesque Table” published in 2021. The delicious and colorful looking dishes presented in her cookbooks are reflected in her Instagram posts. Most of her culinary inspirations are drawn from her family's home-cooked meals, offering us an authentic perspective on Palestinian cuisine.

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