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Paws and Sips: The Growing Trend of Pet Cafés in the Kingdom

Not long ago, the conservative Kingdom banned walking dogs in public, but recent changes under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's "Vision 2030" plan now allow pets in public spaces. Here are some cafes offering animal enthusiasts the opportunity to savor their preferred drinks within a pet-friendly ambiance.

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The Barking Lot

The first dog café in Saudi Arabia, launched in Khobar in June 2020, saw such success that a new branch opened in Riyadh in May 2021. The concept originated from a shortage of places that were accommodating to dogs. In addition to beverages, The Barking Lot offers a boutique with dog-friendly snacks, food, and grooming services for both canines and felines.

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Cat Lounge

The first cat cafe in Jeddah provides a straightforward experience. Simply order your preferred drink and treat, pay an entrance fee, and enter the designated cat area. Both adults and children have the opportunity to engage with the cats, pet them, and capture delightful photos with the feline residents.

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Cup Cat Café

Riyadh's Cup & Cat Cafe spans two floors with the second floor being the main attraction, featuring a clean and comfortable cat paradise with toys, beds, and a glass room for patrons to relax with their chosen feline companion. All ages are welcome, with a kids' area and an elevator for older visitors.

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Paws Society

Jeddah's Paws Society, a hub for dog enthusiasts, offers daycare, supplies, grooming services, and tasty treats. Alongside hosting adoption events for shelter dogs, they organize enjoyable activities, costume parties, and special events during Eid holidays, contributing to both pet welfare and community engagement.

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The Social Pup

Apart from serving delicious food, this café offers grooming services and includes Hyde Bark, an exclusive membership play area for dogs. Providing boarding and daycare services, safety is ensured through thorough screening, including medical exams and psychological assessments. Experienced groomers complete the process with a warm welcome for each dog.

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