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20 Inspirational Women in Bahrain to Celebrate on National Day

Bahrain’s National Day is a time to honor the achievements of its citizens, and among them, numerous women have made significant contributions across various sectors. Here are 20 inspirational women, whose work and dedication are shaping the future of Bahrain.

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Shaikha Hala bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, (@shaikhahala):

As Director of Culture and Arts at Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, Shaikha Hala is instrumental in preserving and promoting Bahrain’s cultural heritage. Her initiatives have been vital in enhancing the kingdom’s artistic landscape.

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Esraa Janahi, (@esraa_janahi):

Founder of Enso, a groundbreaking tech startup, Esraa Janahi is known for her innovative approach in blending technology and business, making significant strides in Bahrain’s tech industry.

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Noor Nooruddin, (@noor.nooruddin):

A fashion influencer with a unique style, Noor Nooruddin has become a role model for young Bahraini women, showcasing the blend of traditional and modern fashion.

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Dr. Fatima Al Hamlan, (@dr.fatimaalhamlan):

Dr. Fatima is a leading figure in biotechnology research, contributing to significant scientific advancements in Bahrain.

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Amina Al Abbasi, (@aminaalabbasi):

 A renowned artist and entrepreneur, Amina creatively incorporates traditional Bahraini elements into her contemporary artwork and designs.

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Dana Zubari, (@danazubari):

 Dana is a Bahraini actress and model making waves in regional cinema with her captivating performances and striking presence.

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Yasmeen Al Sharaf, (@yasmeen_alsharaf):

As Head of Fintech & Innovation Unit at Central Bank of Bahrain, Yasmeen is a key figure in shaping the nation’s financial technology landscape.

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Eman Nooruddin, (@chefeman):

 Chef Eman Nooruddin has been bringing Bahraini cuisine to the forefront, showcasing traditional dishes with a modern twist.

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Budoor Kamalm (@budoorkamal):

 Budoor is an activist known for her work in gender equality and women's empowerment, making significant contributions to social issues in Bahrain.

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Lulwa Al Amin, (@lulwa_alamin):

 Fashion designer Lulwa Al Amin is known for her contemporary take on traditional Bahraini attire, successfully merging cultural heritage with modern fashion sensibilities.

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Zainab Al-Eqabi, (@zainabaleqabi):

A motivational speaker and athlete, Zainab Al-Eqabi’s story of resilience and determination has inspired many in Bahrain and beyond.

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Hala Almoayyed, (@hala_moayyed):

  Hala Almoayyed is a digital expert and entrepreneur, known for her innovative work in Bahrain’s tech sector.


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Dr. Sara Al Reefy, (@dr.sarareefy):

As a leading breast surgery specialist, Dr. Sara Al Reefy has made significant contributions to women’s healthcare in Bahrain.

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Maryam Al Serkal, (@maryamserkal):

Maryam Al Serkal is a filmmaker who has been gaining recognition for her unique storytelling and contribution to Bahrain’s growing cinema scene.

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Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi, (@shhooralq):

President of the Sharjah Art Foundation, Sheikha Hoor has been influential in promoting art and culture in Bahrain and the broader region.

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Nayla Al Khaja, (@naylaalkhaja):

As the first female film director in the UAE, Nayla Al Khaja has been a trailblazer in the regional film industry, inspiring many in Bahrain.

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Dr. Lamya Fawwaz:

A prominent figure in sustainability and education, contributing significantly to these sectors in Bahrain.

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Dr. Hala Sulaiman:

A leading radio personality and influential figure in Bahrain’s media, Dr. Hala Sulaiman has been pivotal in shaping public discourse through her programs.

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Sawsan Taqawi:

A respected educator and advocate for children's literacy in Bahrain, Sawsan has been instrumental in promoting education and reading in the country.

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Fatema Hubail:

 An emerging photographer and visual artist, Fatema Hubail is known for her powerful imagery that captures the essence of Bahraini life and culture.

These women, through their exceptional contributions and dedication, celebrate the spirit of Bahrain and serve as role models in their respective fields. Their achievements not only commemorate Bahrain's National Day but also contribute to the nation's ongoing development and success.

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