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Empowered Elegance: Meera Al Suwaidi, FNC Member, Balancing Ambitions & Femininity with Chaumet Sparkle

Meera Al Suwaidi, believes that a woman who epitomises empowerment is one who, while pursuing her dreams and a lifetime path of progress, effortlessly combines her femininity with giving back to her loved ones, society at large, and the workplace. As a radiant symbol of this inspirational archetype, especially bedecked in Chaumet, the Emirati leader stands out. She already holds a prestigious position as the president of value creation at Mubadala Investment Company, an Abu Dhabi-based sovereign investor overseeing a massive $276 billion portfolio. Additionally, Al Suwaidi represents the emirate of Abu Dhabi in the Federal National Council, adding another layer to her multifaceted leadership.

Mirroring the elegance of the Joséphine Aigrette collection she wears, Al Suwaidi seeks to shine her light on others, much like the empress who inspired the collection. In expressing her aspirations for her second term in the Federal National Council, she envisions representing the people of the UAE in international arenas and catalyzing positive change in the daily lives of Emiratis.

Precious jewels, each with sentimental significance and a distinct backstory, play a central role in her life's story. For Al Suwaidi, beauty in jewelry is intertwined with the emotions and stories it carries. Chaumet, particularly described as "Parisian, regal, elegant," holds a special place in her heart. A standout in her collection is the Joséphine Aigrette watch in rose gold with diamonds and a red alligator strap, embodying the essence of Parisian sophistication.

The exquisite Joséphine rings, prized for their extraordinary delicacy and adaptability, are among her most treasured possessions. Al Suwaidi, a woman of many roles oversees diverse responsibilities, including her contributions to the development of Hub71, a global tech ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, and roles with the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, Al Maryah Community Bank, New York University Abu Dhabi, and the Cop28 Parliamentary Conference.

In her own words, Al Suwaidi articulates her hope that her achievements, regardless of scale, inspire women to believe in their potential and foster a supportive community. Her desire is to set an example for her daughters and future generations of Emirati girls by valuing curiosity, resilience, and self-assurance and instilling in them the idea that they can succeed in a world where everyone is respected and empowered.

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