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Metal Resonance: Saudi Arabia's Cultural Revival Adopting the Heavy Beat

Saudi metal band Immortal Pain electrified the atmosphere at Comic Con Arabia in Jeddah, delivering a vibrant concert that resonated with a massive audience. This marked the band's second appearance at the convention, showcasing their journey in the rock and metal scene since their inception in late 2005 as a duo, later expanding to a quartet.

The band's modest origins can be traced back to the collaboration between Emad Ashoor, who served as the rhythm guitarist and vocalist, and Rasheed Attar, the lead guitarist. Over the years, drummer Moayad Al-Shammari and bassist Anan Al-Sabban joined the ensemble, culminating in a recent contract signing with Saudi recording company Wall of Sound: Dark Mode.

The Jeddah-based group has been captivating audiences across the Kingdom through mini-concerts and original music releases. The band members offered insights to Arab News into their collaborative process in creating songs and music videos, which commences with shared life experiences serving as inspiration.

Al-Shammari explained how diverse sources, even the sounds of a construction site, can spark creativity, emphasizing that they let their instruments convey their emotions. The poetic prowess of Ashoor comes into play during the lyric-writing phase, with the band expressing a willingness to explore Arabic lyrics.

As they navigate the creative process, the group prioritizes melody and arrangement decisions before recording the lyrics. Reflecting on the challenges they faced at the outset of their career, the band highlighted the initial difficulty of gaining recognition in a local scene where metal music was considered Western and less popular.

Despite such challenges, Immortal Pain gradually built a dedicated fan base, reaching around 1,000 music enthusiasts by the time of their Comic Con performances. The members expressed optimism about the growing rock and metal scenes locally and globally, dismissing perceptions that the genres are in decline.

Anticipating Metallica's performance in Saudi Arabia, the band members emphasized the increasing prominence of these genres, asserting that the involvement of Saudi Arabia ensures events are "bigger and better." Excitingly, Immortal Pain exclusively revealed to Arab News their plans to record their first full album in the coming year and embark on a tour across the MENA region in 2024, with potential international concerts in the pipeline.

Proudly announcing an invitation to perform in Germany, the band is hopeful for an international breakthrough. For updates on Immortal Pain, fans can follow their Instagram account @immortal_pain_official.

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