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Pioneering Saudi Women: Redefining Industries with Innovation and Leadership

Trailblazing women redefine industries in HR, influencer marketing and talent management, and directing regional marketing. The fusion of leadership and entrepreneurship with IT shapes the future.

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Lama Al-Dossary

In February 2022, Lama Al-Dossary assumed the role of Vice President of People and Senior HR Advisor at the Saudi Tourism Authority, spearheading the design of the HR department's structure, salary frameworks, and policies. She implemented a tailored learning accelerator program for organizational development.

Since June 2023, she has served as Vice Chair at the GCC Board Directors Institute, contributing to its vision as a premier hub for board directors and corporate governance standards.

Al-Dossary, with 19 years of HR experience, held key positions at Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Industrial Development Fund, and the Decision Support Center in Riyadh.

A certified Senior Professional, she graduated from Wharton School's CHRO Program in May 2022 and earned the title of Certified Board Director from the GCC Board Directors Institute in September 2020.

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Bashayer Al-Janad

Al-Janad, in her current role, spearheads influencer marketing and talent management at a Saudi agency, connecting products with target audiences. She excels in client communications and achieving e-commerce milestones.

Al-Janad excels in social media growth plans, boosting profits, and strengthening brand image. As Senior Customers Manager at the General Entertainment Authority in 2022, she optimized client satisfaction and refined service protocols.

With 7+ years of experience, Al-Janad, a skilled marketing and business development professional, excelled at Madeed Group (2015-2020), demonstrating expertise in strategic networking, meeting targets, and crafting sector-specific solutions. I

n 2016, as a Sales Engineer at Emdad Development Co., she concentrated on business development and equipment sales to Aramco contractors. Earlier, her 2014 role at Cummins ME in Dubai initiated her sales and business development journey.

Al-Janad, with degrees in electrical and computer engineering and energy engineering from Effat University, demonstrates leadership in diverse projects like Aseer Seasons, Saudi Tourism Authority, Hungerstation, Shobak, and Mrsool.

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Wasna Ben Gassem

Wasna Ben Gassem, Trend Micro's Regional Marketing Director, leads a dynamic team in 92 countries. Collaborating with executives, she crafts communication plans to align with strategic objectives, advancing the company's mission for a safer digital world.

Previously at Accenture, Wasna Ben Gassem held pivotal roles, including Country Marketing and Communications Director, specializing in inclusion, diversity, and Middle East V&A marketing. Her duties encompassed strategy development, defining metrics, and progress monitoring.

With experience at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Hewlett Packard, Wasna Ben Gassem shaped marketing strategies.

Holding an MBA in Leadership and Entrepreneurship (2020) and a Bachelor's in Information Technology (2009), she received recognition with the Think Big Award (2014) and Women's Excellence Award (2016), highlighting her diverse expertise.

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