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Saudi Pavillion Exhibits Culture and Heritage at Milan Fair

Saudi Arabia is actively engaged in the Artigiano in Fiera exhibition in Milan, Italy, an event that spans from December 2nd to December 10th. The Saudi pavilion, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, is set to showcase a diverse array of elements encapsulating the nation's culture and rich heritage.

As detailed in a report from the Saudi Press Agency, key participants in this endeavor include organizations like the Saudi Heritage Commission, the Culinary Arts Commission, the Theater and Performing Arts Commission, the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts, and the Saudi Handicrafts Company.

The pavilion is designed to illuminate the intricate relationship between Arabic poetry and Italian culture. A curated selection of Arabic verses will be translated into Italian, adorning murals at the pavilion's entrance.

The Saudi Heritage Commission, in its contribution, will spotlight the imaginative prowess of 25 artisans, emphasizing traditional handicrafts that have been a longstanding source of national pride. The Saudi Company for Crafts and Handicrafts is poised to exhibit its most noteworthy creations, while the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts plans to showcase the work of 12 students.

Adding a culinary dimension to the showcase, twelve chefs from the Culinary Arts Commission will conduct live cooking demonstrations, presenting famous dishes from various regions of Saudi Arabia. A traditional restaurant within the pavilion will further offer authentic coffee and traditional produce.

In the realm of performing arts, the Theater and Performing Arts Commission is set to stage shows featuring 13 traditional performing arts.

In keeping with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, which primarily center on advancing international cultural exchange, Saudi Arabia's active involvement in Artigiano in Fiera is consistent with the Ministry of Culture's cooperative efforts with cultural entities.

The Ministry of Culture is highlighting the Kingdom's deep interest in intangible cultural assets within the larger framework of the 2023 Year of Arabic Poetry project, highlighting the connections between Arabic poetry and Italian culture.

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