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AlUla and Space for Giants Collaborate to Expand Natural Reserves in Saudi Arabia

The Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate has announced a strategic collaboration with Space for Giants, a Kenyan organization specializing in environmental conservation, according to a report by the Saudi Press Agency. The primary objective of this partnership is to safeguard biodiversity in AlUla, mitigate carbon emissions, and enhance carbon storage capacities within the natural reserves of AlUla.

In order to manage, conserve, and monitor biodiversity and natural habitats, the Royal Commission and Space for Giants will collaboratively plan and execute various initiatives over the course of the following three years. These programs are intended to comply with global norms and forward the aims of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 in addition to the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative, a climate action program that was introduced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2021.

A key component of the partnership involves equipping nature conservation groups within AlUla's natural reserves with essential tools, systems, and capabilities to safeguard these areas and ensure the well-being of rangers. Additionally, efforts will be directed towards enhancing communication methods among nature protectors, facilitating quick data sharing, and fostering a collaborative approach to preserving reserves.

The collaboration also aims to elevate the management of the reserves, with a specific target of achieving the requirements for the IUCN Green List certification by 2025. At the same time, there will be a coordinated effort to diminish carbon emissions and boost carbon storage capacities in the region. Both entities express a shared commitment to fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly tourism model in AlUla, reflecting their dedication to environmental conservation.

The Royal Commission for AlUla is actively developing natural reserves across the governorate, encompassing areas such as Sharaan, Al-Gharamil, Wadi Nakhla, Harrat Al-Zaben, and Harrat Awairid. These reserves cover an expansive area exceeding 12,000 sq km, representing over 50 percent of Al-Ula governorate's total land area. The conservation efforts are reinforced by a team of 154 AlUla nature conservancy staff, all of whom have undergone an intensive 18-month training program.

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