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December in Saudi: Tradition Meets Modernity In A Myriad Of Activities

Whether you're captivated by history, enticed by adventure, or seeking culinary delights, Saudi Arabia in December promises a memorable fusion of culture, tradition, and holiday cheer.

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Brewing Coffee, Riyadh

Indulge your love for the rich and delightful coffee with two Saturday workshops by Coffee Campus training center.
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City adventure, Abha

Experience the awe-inspiring charm of Abha during a three-day excursion arranged by the Future Luxury team.
For reservations and additional information, check out the Hala Yalla app.

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Gaming center, Riyadh

Immerse yourself in a distinctive gaming venture at Duel Arena, competing alongside professional gamers and e-sports enthusiasts.
Explore further details on the Hala Yalla app.

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Sea Trip, Jeddah

Prepare for an enjoyable excursion to the picturesque Bayada Island with Saudi Scuba. Explore two sites and embark on a scuba dive to uncover the underwater world.
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Night tour, Jeddah

Witness the enchanting transformation of Jeddah at night on this tour, exploring landmarks, waterfront, historic zones, and modern shopping centers.
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Fitness and Football, Riyadh

Discover an exhilarating start to your fitness journey with FootFit's football training programs. Enhance skills and achieve fitness goals.
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Nofa Park, Riyadh

Arrange a captivating expedition with loved ones at Nofa Wildlife Park. Experience close encounters in a caged jeep.
Find additional information on the Hala Yalla app.

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Pulse Studio, Jeddah

Embark on a women-exclusive journey to overcome fitness hurdles, fostering self-improvement in a supportive atmosphere.
Reserve via the Hala Yalla app.

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Science for Kids, Dhahran

Embark on scientific exploration with entertaining experiments like "Slime Crimes" and "Chemical Canvas" at Ithra's Energy Lab. Geared towards ages 7-12.
Visit for additional information.

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Sightseeing Trip, Farasan Islands

Explore Farasan Islands near Jazan with castle, mosque, and museum tours. Visit Al-Qassar village and a coastal oasis.
Find details on the Hala Yalla app.

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