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UAE's Creatives to Celebrate on National Day

As the United Arab Emirates gears up to celebrate its National Day, it’s the perfect time to shine a light on the extraordinary talents that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the nation’s culture and arts. From groundbreaking artists to innovative designers, these creatives are shaping the UAE’s artistic landscape and representing its dynamic spirit both locally and on the global stage. Here are some of the UAE’s most inspiring creatives:

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Sheikha Lateefa bint Maktoum

Founder of Tashkeel, Sheikha Lateefa is a visionary artist and photographer whose work explores the narratives of the Emirati identity. Her leadership in the art community has been instrumental in nurturing local talent.

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Khalid Shafar

A leading name in Emirati design, Khalid Shafar’s work in furniture and product design blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics, making him a prominent figure in the UAE’s design scene.

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Hassan Sharif

Often regarded as the father of contemporary art in the UAE, Hassan Sharif’s contributions to conceptual art and as a founder of the influential art collective, The Flying House, have been pivotal to the region’s art scene.

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Sumayyah Al Suwaidi

A celebrated Emirati artist and curator, Sumayyah Al Suwaidi’s digital art and mixed media works offer a unique perspective on feminine beauty and empowerment.

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Mohammed Kazem

A leading figure in the UAE’s contemporary art scene, Mohammed Kazem's works often focus on themes of geography and identity, using a variety of mediums to express his artistic vision.

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Zahra Al Ghamdi

An artist whose work has been showcased internationally, Zahra Al Ghamdi is known for her installations that often incorporate materials like sand and leather, reflecting on the themes of memory and belonging.

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Fatma Lootah

Fatma Lootah’s abstract paintings are a vibrant exploration of color and emotion. Her work is a testament to the dynamic and evolving art scene in the UAE.

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Amna Al Dabbagh

A photographer whose work captures the essence of everyday life in the UAE, Amna Al Dabbagh’s lens offers a candid and vibrant perspective on Emirati culture.

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Abdullah Al Saadi

An artist known for his diverse range of work including painting, drawing, and installation art, Abdullah Al Saadi’s creations often reflect on his experiences and surroundings in the UAE.

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Nujoom Alghanem

An acclaimed poet and filmmaker, Nujoom Alghanem is a voice of contemporary Emirati culture, using her talents to explore and express the narratives of her homeland.

As the UAE celebrates its National Day, these creatives stand as a testament to the country's rich cultural heritage and its thriving contemporary arts scene. They not only represent the artistic heart of the UAE but also serve as cultural ambassadors showcasing the nation's unique identity and vision to the world.

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