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Hend Sabri Steps Down As WFP Goodwill Ambassador Amid Gaza Crisis Shortcomings

In a recent Instagram announcement, Hend Sabri, the accomplished Tunisian-Egyptian actress, revealed her decision to step down as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) after an impactful 13-year tenure. The catalyst behind her resignation was the Israeli military campaign in Gaza, a deeply distressing situation that has unfolded in recent weeks.

Addressing her extensive follower base of 3.5 million, Sabri shared the poignant experiences of her committed colleagues at the World Food Program. She described a prevailing sense of helplessness among them as they grappled with the constraints imposed by the relentless war machine, which exhibited no mercy towards the besieged civilians in Gaza, particularly children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

Expressing her frustration, the actress lamented the limited actions they could take in the face of such a devastating conflict, highlighting the challenge of fulfilling their duty towards the affected population. Despite her efforts to amplify her voice and advocate for leveraging the WFP's influence to prevent the use of starvation as a war tactic and to call for a ceasefire, Sabri found the response lacking.

Referencing the World Food Program's recent Nobel Peace Prize win and its active role in UN Resolution 2417, which condemned starvation as a method of war, Sabri expressed her disappointment that these accolades did not translate into robust action during the current crisis. She specifically noted the deployment of starvation and blockades as weapons against more than two million civilians in Gaza over the past 46 days.

In light of these circumstances, Sabri announced her resignation from the role of Goodwill Ambassador, extending her wishes for safety and peace to her colleagues at the World Food Program. However, she affirmed her commitment to humanitarian and societal causes, vowing to pursue them through alternative means, signaling a determination to continue making a positive impact despite the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict.

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