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Al Fardan Jewellery, Abu Dhabi Launches Misk Exclusive For UAE National Day

Al Fardan Jewellery, Abu Dhabi synonymous with timeless elegance and rich heritage, proudly announces its celebration of the UAE’s 52nd National Day with an exclusive collaboration with Misk Jewellery.

Since its inception, Al Fardan Jewellery, Abu Dhabi has placed pearls at the epicentre of its brand. Since before the UAE was established, pearling was the key to this nation's rising economy. With Al Fardan Jewellery’s Abu Dhabi history dating back to 1954, when the United Arab Emirates only ‘united’ in 1971, it is only natural that the brand still pays homage to the region’s cultural and historical relationship with pearls. Even now, the fine jewellery brand consistently draws inspiration from the traditional art of pearling and weaving it seamlessly into its masterpieces. Continuing the legacy of the renowned Pearl Doctor, Hasan Ibrahim Al Fardan the brand remains committed to preserving its heritage and making pearls an integral part of its identity.

To commemorate the momentous occasion of UAE National Day, whilst also persevering in their use of pearls, Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi is thrilled to unveil an exclusive limited-edition piece in collaboration with Misk Jewellery. Misk, known for its exquisite hand-crafted collections, harmoniously fuses contemporary design with traditional Emirati motifs, creating unique pieces that encapsulate the spirit of the region. Misk’s collections offer a nod to the Emirates’ past, with themes such as Arabic architecture, mosaic and decorative arts portrayed in their jewellery designs. Founder Maher Khansaheb ensures that his creations offer a fresh take on traditional Emirati designs, a sentiment that resonates strongly with Al Fardan Jewellery, Abu Dhabi.

The reinterpreted Heritage Necklace takes centre stage this UAE National Day. Misk’s Heritage Necklace, inspired by traditional Emirati gold jewellery, features a demi-circle shape adorned with an intricate pattern, framed by brilliant cut diamonds and surrounded by a garland of pearls. This design pays tribute to the heritage Emirati jewellery, whilst also commemorating the art of pearls which is synonymous to both Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi, and the UAE.

Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi and Misk have reimagined this masterpiece by replacing the chain with signature pearl beads, a tribute to Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi’s enduring commitment to pearls.

The limited edition Heritage Necklace will be available with interchangeable pendant beads in the colours for the UAE flag – black onyx, red agate, white pearl and green malachite. This not only pays homage to the nation’s colours but also adds a touch of versatility to this exquisite piece, allowing wearers to customise their necklace according to their preferences.

The exclusive piece is available both in store in Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi and online at

For further information, please contact: Simaan Shaikh, PR Manager, FRAME Publicity [email protected]

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