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Countdown to Comic Con Arabia 2023 in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is preparing to host the much-anticipated Comic Con Arabia 2023, scheduled to take place from November 30 to December 1 at the Jeddah Convention Center. The event will take place from 4pm to midnight, celebrating different aspects of comic culture, such as comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, movies, and the ever-popular phenomenon of cosplay.

This event will bring together cosplayers and enthusiasts of films, anime, and comics on a global scale, featuring renowned figures from the entertainment world and creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. Among the notable personalities set to make appearances is Stephen Amell, famous for his portrayal of Oliver Queen in "Arrow." The Canadian actor is scheduled to be present on both days of the event, adding to the star-studded lineup.

Cosplay enthusiasts will be delighted to find Sakuraflor, a prominent cosplayer, joining as a judge, alongside the returning Har Fie. Rachel Litfin, an accomplished former cosplayer and author of "The Chronicles of Royal High," is also confirmed to be part of the event.

FEMM, the popular Japanese rap duo, is set to perform at Comic Con Jeddah before their planned disbandment after a decade of collaboration. Shaun Barrowes, the author and composer of "The Paradise Planets," is another distinguished guest.

Leilani Shiu, known for her roles in Disney shows such as "Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi," "The Mandalorian," and "The Book of Boba Fett," will be in attendance, adding to the allure of the event. The lineup extends to include comic book illustrator Chad Hardwin, recognized for his work on "Web of Spider-Man," "Antivenom," and "Wonder Woman."

Moreover, Hiroshimi Takani, the illustrator behind notable pieces like "ULTRAMAN" and "DINOSAUR," will be present, along with Mostafa Moussa, an illustrator with an impressive 25-year career. Virtual participation from voice actress Dolya Gavanski, known for her roles in "Heroes 2," "Overwatch," and "Overwatch 2," adds another layer of excitement to the event.

The Comic Con Arabia experience will not only feature the Cosplay Showdown competition, allowing visitors to showcase their creativity by embodying beloved characters from film, TV, and comics, but also feature talks and seminars given by professionals in the field. The Artist Alley will display exclusive collectibles and artwork collections, providing attendees with unique and sought-after pieces. Additionally, the event promises a diverse range of entertainment, including games, a selfie museum, an escape room, and a variety of food trucks to cater to the diverse tastes of participants.

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