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Palestinian Creatives and Brands to Support

By following and supporting these Palestinian creatives and brands, you not only get to experience the richness of Palestinian culture but also contribute to the sustainability of these artisans and their crafts. Each account brings its unique flavor to the canvas of Palestinian creativity, making them worthy of your support and attention.

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Darzah Designs

A non-profit, ethical fashion brand, Darzah specializes in tatreez embroidery, a centuries-old Palestinian art form. Their Instagram, @darzahdesigns, showcases their stunning handcrafted shoes, accessories, and more.

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Watan Art

Watan Art offers a range of Palestinian art pieces, posters, and cultural items. Their Instagram handle, @watanart, is a window into the vibrant world of Palestinian visual arts.

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Keffiyeh Factory of Hirbawi

The only original Keffiyeh producer in Palestine, Hirbawi weaves traditional Palestinian scarves. Follow their craft at @hirbawi to see how these iconic cultural symbols are made.

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Nöl Collective

A sustainable fashion label, Nöl Collective combines modern design with traditional Palestinian textiles. Their Instagram, @nolcollective, showcases their latest fashion pieces and the stories behind them.

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Handala Coffee

Handala Coffee, named after the iconic Palestinian cartoon character, sources its beans from local Palestinian farmers. Follow @handalacoffee for your dose of Palestinian coffee culture and updates.

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Ceramics of Hebron

This account celebrates the rich tradition of Hebron ceramics. The beautiful hand-painted pottery pieces, showcased at @hebronceramics, are a testament to the city's historic craft.

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Sitti Soap

Sitti Soap offers all-natural, handcrafted olive oil soaps made by artisans in the Jerash Refugee Camp. Their Instagram, @sittisoap, not only features their products but also tells stories of empowerment.

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