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Empowering Voices: Palestinian Female Journalists to Follow in Gaza

Gaza's media landscape is rich with the voices of female journalists who bring a unique perspective to the stories of their homeland. These women are on the frontlines, narrating the complexities of life in one of the world's most tumultuous regions.

These journalists provide invaluable insights into the everyday realities of living in Gaza. Their reporting goes beyond the headlines, offering a deeper understanding of the Palestinian narrative. Following them will not only enrich your understanding of the region but also amplify voices that are crucial in shaping the global discourse on Palestine.

Here are some Palestinian female journalists, including Plestia Alaqad and Bisan Owda, whose work is a testament to their resilience and dedication:


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Laila El-Haddad

As a distinguished Palestinian journalist and author, Laila El-Haddad’s Instagram, @gazamom, provides an intimate glimpse into the daily life and struggles in Gaza, blending personal narrative with professional insights.

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Farah Baker

Known for her compelling tweets during the 2014 Gaza conflict, Farah Baker's voice resonates beyond the region. While her Instagram handle is not publicly known, her Twitter (@Farah_Gazan) is a hub of firsthand experiences and insights.

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Asmaa Al-Ghoul

A fearless journalist and author, Asmaa Al-Ghoul's critical writings on Palestinian society and politics offer a bold perspective. Although her Instagram handle isn't available, her work is widely accessible and influential.

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Nour Odeh

Through her Instagram (@nour_odeh), Nour Odeh, a seasoned Palestinian journalist and consultant, shares a mix of personal stories and professional experiences, offering a unique view of Palestinian life and politics.

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Shireen Abu Akleh

The late Shireen Abu Akleh's legacy as a courageous journalist for Al Jazeera continues to inspire. Her fearless reporting has left an indelible mark on journalism in Palestine.

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As an emerging voice in Palestinian journalism, Plestia Alaqad’s Instagram account, @plestia_alaqad, showcases her dedication to bringing forth stories from the heart of Gaza, highlighting the resilience and strength of its people.

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Bisan Owda

Bisan Owda is known for her in-depth coverage and thoughtful analysis of the Palestinian situation. Her work sheds light on the nuances of life under conflict, bringing untold stories to the forefront.

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