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Saudi Arabia Unveils Logo and Pavilion Design for Expo 2025 Osaka

During a gala dinner in Osaka, Saudi Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan revealed the Saudi Arabia pavilion for Expo 2025 Osaka, centered around the theme "Designing the Future Society for Our Lives." Prince Badr conveyed his enthusiasm for Saudi Arabia's involvement and recognized Japan as an inspiring and ideal host.

The pavilion narrates Saudi Arabia's story from ancient times to the present and future, highlighting the Kingdom's cultural initiatives, artistic pursuits, environmental strategies, and energy initiatives. The CEO of the Architectural Arts and Design Commission, Sumayyah Al-Sulaiman, explained how the pavilion harmoniously combines modern and traditional elements to promote cross-cultural interaction.

The architectural design comprises distinct blocks reminiscent of Saudi home courtyards, featuring a central courtyard that provides both serenity and entertainment. To promote environmental sustainability, the pavilion integrates solar panels, emitting minimal carbon dioxide.

Othman Almazyad, commissioner-general of Saudi Arabia's Osaka pavilion, commended Japanese hospitality and commitment to traditions, underscoring the enduring relationship between the two nations.

Dinner guests were treated to a thoughtfully chosen photo show, a movie presentation called "Kingdom on the Rise," and the reveal of a 3D model. The event showcased Saudi musicians, Arabic calligraphy, a Samri performance, and the customary serving of dates and coffee.

Saudi Arabia's participation in Expo 2025 Osaka celebrates greater investment, tourism, and cross-cultural exchange while strengthening the close cultural links between the Kingdom and Japan. Vice Minister of Culture Hamed bin Mohammed Fayez emphasized the shared values as Saudi Arabia advances with Vision 2030.

Under the direction of Foster + Partners, the pavilion's design combines architecture and legacy to represent the link between Saudi Arabia and Japan. It harmonizes desert shapes with contemporary features, signifying a link between past legacy and future progress. The sustainable design prioritizes environmental responsibility, incorporating features to reduce carbon emissions and promote clean energy.

The unveiling of Saudi Arabia's identity at Expo 2025 Osaka featured an innovative logo that merges "Saudi" in Japanese script aesthetics within the Kingdom's map, portrayed through Arabic calligraphy, complementing the pavilion's architectural design. This revelation marks a jubilant celebration of shared values and cultural exchange between the two nations.

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