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Visionary Leadership: Arab Female Directors and Deans Breaking Barriers

Pioneering Arab female trailblazers, these directors and dean exemplify leadership and excellence in academia and beyond, breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation with their visionary contributions.

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Linah Orkoubi, Director General of Eastern Province Municipality's Environmental Protection Division

In November 2022, Orkoubi joined the Eastern Province Municipality, bringing a deep understanding of client needs, strong leadership, effective communication, and community engagement. Engaged in several committees and projects, her areas of interest are placemaking, innovation, environmental issues, and public involvement. Serving as the key liaison with the National Center for Environmental Compliance, Orkoubi oversees inspections to guarantee policy compliance and raising community awareness through events and projects. Formerly a business development consultant at Khobar Municipality, she identified prospects and impacted choices. As the 2018 director at the Municipal Creativity Center, she aligned with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. Orkoubi holds degrees in food and nutrition and business administration, complemented by certification in innovation.

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Sarah Al-Bayouk, Director of architecture and design at Boutique Group

Since 2021, Sarah Al-Bayouk directs architecture at Boutique Group, transforming historic structures into cultural landmarks, aligning with Saudi values. Boutique Group, owned by the Public Investment Fund, elevates luxury hospitality.

In a male-dominated field, Al-Bayouk pioneers for Saudi women, notably as the first on the initial redevelopment team in King Abdullah Financial District's transition. Prior, she managed projects at JLL Mena for over three years, spanning UAE and Saudi Arabia. With a decade's experience in projects like Diriyah Gate, Misk City, Dubai Hills, and Yas Media Zone, she emphasizes cultural integration for urban and architectural regeneration, perceiving culture as a dynamic force shaping communities. Al-Bayouk holds a bachelor's in architecture and a master's in construction project management from the University of Manchester.

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Dr. Haneen Shoaib, Associate Professor and Dean of the College of Business Administration in Jeddah

Dr. Haneen Shoaib, the dean of the College of Business Administration at the University of Business and Technology in Jeddah, oversees both male and female campuses, managing administrative and academic duties. Actively involved in international conferences and research, her academic journey started with a bachelor's degree in English linguistics from Umm Al-Qura University. She pursued an MBA at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport in Jeddah, and a master's in international management from Exeter University, UK. Dr. Shoaib earned her Ph.D. from Exeter University's School of Management, focusing on power dynamics in Saudi strategic interactions, particularly exploring gender, culture, identity, religion, and institutions. She published a trilogy on King Salman's leadership, analyzing his official account, virtual leadership communication, and emotional bonding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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