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Pioneering Achievement: Najla Al-Naimi Becomes Saudi Arabia's First Accredited Female Marine Trainer

The Transport General Authority (TGA), working in partnership with the Aramco Marine Training Academy, has formally granted official accreditation to Najla bint Salman Al-Naimi as the inaugural assistant marine trainer in the Kingdom. This development, highlighted in an official statement from the authority, represents a pivotal advancement in the effort to endorse and qualify both male and female trainers within the maritime transport domain, aligning closely with global maritime benchmarks. It shows Saudi Arabia's dedication to empowering women within the maritime sector, in keeping with the goals specified in the National Strategy for Logistics and Transport Services.

Emphasizing the significance of enhancing women's involvement in the maritime industry, the press release underscores the necessity of granting them access to fundamental and hands-on maritime courses, as well as opportunities to collaborate with maritime entities and ports. In compliance with the 1978 amendment to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, the effort seeks to establish an atmosphere that is favorable to their advancement.

The TGA specifies the requirements that must be met by female employees who wish to become accredited as marine trainers. These requirements include finishing specialized marine training courses, performing well on evaluation tests, completing a Trainer of Trainers course, and passing a fitness test.

Al-Naimi has effectively fulfilled the demanding requirements for becoming a trainer, including specialized maritime courses at the Aramco Maritime Training Academy under the guidance of the Maritime Transport Sector at the General Authority for Transport. These steps are intended to guarantee that she follows the strict international guidelines for marine training.

Al-Naimi, possessing a bachelor's degree in international relations from the University of San Diego, brings a wealth of experience in facility management and project planning, coupled with a background in international business relations. Proficient in both Arabic and English, she excels in multidisciplinary teamwork and demonstrates the ability to deliver under pressure. 

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