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Egyptian Textile Brand Naseej Fabrics Unveils Keffiyeh-Inspired Cushions in Solidarity with Gaza

Naseej Fabrics, an Egyptian home textiles brand, has introduced a collection of cushions inspired by the Palestinian Keffiyeh, with the aim of raising funds for Gaza. The collection includes four cushions, named Wadi Gaza, Al Daraj, Khan Unis, and Rafah, arranged in two matching sets, each comprising one large square and one rectangular cushion. All proceeds from the sales will be entirely donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Each cushion is thoughtfully labeled with a unique tag, paying tribute to the Palestinian children who have tragically lost their lives during the ongoing conflict with the Israeli occupation forces.

These distinctive cushions are also available at the Zamalek-based fabrics house, Design Emporium, which is actively supporting Naseej Fabrics' charitable initiative.

For many non-Palestinian Arabs, the Keffiyeh holds significant cultural value as an early symbol of Palestinian identity. Crafted in various textures, including velvet, matte, and shiny materials, these cushions serve as a meaningful way to preserve the memory of the lost in your homes.


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The prominent fishnet pattern on the cushions represents the connection between the Palestinian fisherman and the sea, symbolizing abundance and grace. To many, the sea also carries the profound meaning of freedom.

NASEEJ's founders, Mohamed and Rana, hail from a lineage of skilled weavers, tracing their heritage to their great grandfather, Saeed Mardini. Fleeing his hometown during World War I, Saeed established a textile mill in Cairo in the 1940s with his sons, later expanding to prestigious showrooms in the city. The family's reputation for premium textiles flourished over the years. Assaad, Saeed's son, pioneered a mill in the 1980s, exporting to Italy, Lebanon, and the Gulf.

In 2016, Mohamed and Rana, Assaad's grandchildren, founded NASEEJ to revitalize Egypt's textile industry after political unrest. Leveraging family expertise and a modern mill, they champion innovation, collaboration, and authentic design. Today, they work with a growing team to create an ecosystem supporting local supply chains, strengthening the industry's foundation.

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