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Miss Lebanon Maya Aboul Hosn Embarks on Journey to Miss Universe in El Salvador

Maya Aboul Hosn, crowned Miss Universe Lebanon 2023, is poised to be Lebanon's representative at the 72nd edition of the Miss Universe pageant scheduled to take place in El Salvador on November 18. Beyond the present splendor, Arab News delves into the background of this beauty queen. Hailing from a small village in Lebanon, Aboul Hosn's affinity for the spotlight began in her youth, capturing moments with her parents' cellular phone. As social media emerged, she decided to pursue it more seriously at the age of 19.

Expressing a lifelong desire to represent her country, she embraced the opportunity to participate in Miss Lebanon. Despite facing challenges, including working two jobs while attending university during economic and pandemic crises, Aboul Hosn persisted in her journey. Her Instagram documentation of daily life gained popularity, amassing over 100,000 followers before her Miss Lebanon participation.

After securing the first runner-up position in the Miss Lebanon 2022 competition, Aboul Hosn became a morning-show host on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International channel. However, she remains critical of the beauty pageant process, particularly the subjective judging of looks and answers. Emphasizing changing standards in beauty pageants, she advocates for embracing uniqueness and dispelling notions of perfection.

With an emphasis on her modest upbringing and the importance of perseverance, Aboul Hosn hopes to become an inspiration to the Arab community. She follows a strict regimen that includes exercise, healthy eating, public speaking, and working with coaches on her cause, catwalk, and clothing as she gets ready for the Miss Universe competition. The national dress she will wear, designed by Elio Moussallem, draws inspiration from traditional Lebanese dresses, the landscape, and features the symbol of the Lebanese cedar.

With just three Arab nations participating in the Miss Universe pageant, which includes contestants from Miss Bahrain and Miss Egypt, Aboul Hosn urges the Arab world to rally behind her. She stresses that her role as a representative extends beyond Lebanon and encompasses the entire Arab region. 

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