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Female Entrepreneurs Excel In Dubai's Gastronomic Landscape

On National Day, we celebrate the country’s gastronomic talents.

Women in Dubai are transforming the culinary landscape and overcoming obstacles with their groundbreaking ventures, succeeding across upscale and casual dining.

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Heba Rumhein, Siraj

Established in 2016, Siraj blends Emirati and Levantine cuisines, earning a spot in the Michelin Guide for two years. Founded by Rumhein, the restaurant, frequented by Sheikh Mohammed, reflects her childhood passion inspired by her mother's culinary skills. With a hospitality background at Atlantis and Madinat Jumeirah, Rumhein noticed a market gap, leading to Siraj's opening at Souk Al Bahar. The menu features a unique mix of traditional and modern dishes like saffron lobster and zaatar pesto veal chops. Rumhein plans upgrades for an enhanced Siraj experience.

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Hind Habib Al Mulla, Home Bakery

Al Mulla transformed her childhood passion into a thriving career with Home Bakery in Dubai. Beginning from her home in 2011, she overcame challenges like licensing and location, finding success with her flagship Galleria Mall branch in 2014. Renowned for "chewy melt" cookies, her inspiring journey from overcoming dyslexia to business success includes impressing HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum despite skepticism about her role as an Emirati business owner. Today, Home Bakery has nine branches with plans for international expansion.

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Natasha Sideris, Tashas Group

Since opening the first Tashas café in Dubai in 2014, Sideris, CEO of Tashas Group, has led a dynamic journey. Known for ventures like Avli and Flamingo Room, inspired by her chef father, Sideris redefined casual dining in Johannesburg in 2005. With six UAE outlets, she highlights the significance of location in shaping concepts, emphasizing authenticity. New Tashas Group openings in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and London, including the Flamingo Collection, ensure excitement ahead.

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Neha Mishra, Kinoya

Opened in April 2021, Kinoya is Dubai's top spot for exceptional ramen. Created by self-taught chef Mishra, the izakaya swiftly earned a place in Mena's 50 Best Restaurants (2022). Mishra discovered ramen as a creative outlet, turning her obsession into a popular supper club on social media. Despite pandemic challenges as a single mom, an investor paved the way for Kinoya's establishment. Thriving despite initial obstacles, the restaurant expanded to Harrod's London, enriching Mishra's dynamic life with three sons.

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Panchali Mahendra, Atelier House Hospitality

Mahendra brings ten years of hospitality experience to her boutique restaurant group in Dubai, with acclaimed establishments like 11 Woodfire and Mohalla. Mahendra oversees unique culinary concepts emphasizing authenticity. Returning from opening a second branch in Saudi Arabia, the first woman with a UAE Golden Visa in hospitality, places special significance on 11 Woodfire, earning a Michelin star in under six months, and making Mena's 50 Best Restaurants list. Despite rising overheads, her approach is to enhance offerings, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience for diners.

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