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Kico Camacho Returns to the UAE In Powerful Sustainability Exhibition at ME Dubai

From November 12th to December 15th, discover a captivating world of art that is rich in hues and full of environmental inspirations this month as ME Dubai unveils Cultural Connections collaboration with ArtKōrero

Kico Camacho’s artistic creations will take centre stage as part of ME Dubai's new Cultural Connections initiative, in collaboration with ArtKōrero. The architectural sanctuary in the heart of Business Bay will showcase Camacho's compelling paintings, exploring themes such as climate change and sustainability, through abstract brushstrokes, offering viewers a journey into the renowned artist’s creative world. The exhibition marks Camacho's second solo showcase in the region, following the success of his 2021 show, which garnered significant media acclaim and sold-out accolades.

From November 12th, the Madrid based artist will present a new exhibition of work in tribute to COP28, in the atrium of ME Dubai. Guests are set to be transported into an uncharted realm, as the mesmerising pieces presented from a bird’s-eye perspective reshape the mind’s conventional understanding of vast landscapes and the verdant vegetation sprawl beneath. With remarkable originality, Camacho's masterful blend of colour and motion in these aerial compositions, against the backdrop of Zaha Hadid’s architectural design, will enchant and immerse viewers in a world of vivid hues and captivating forms.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the artist's intent is to shed light on the urgent issue of plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans. During the 28th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP 28) that will take place in Dubai from November 30 to December 23, Camacho will explore themes such as the impact of pollution, environmental degradation and sustainability through his unique approach to abstract painting. The upcoming conference at Expo City Dubai, which is expected to gather over 70,000 participants, seamlessly aligns with ME Dubai’s unwavering dedication to cultivating a greener and more environmentally sustainable world. This convergence also coincides with Camacho’s second exhibition in the Middle East. The exhibition will be further enhanced with a panel discussion hosted by Los Angeles sustainability platform BLANK, on the 3rd of December, featuring thought leaders in the climate change space in the ME Dubai atrium.

Speaking on his latest collection, Kico Camacho said; “These landscapes of vast stretches of land criss-crossed by rivers and seemingly teeming with life might, in the not distant future, become plastic graveyards. Our blue planet is drowning in the plastic that we happily consume and discard.”

Starting November 12th, guests, visitors, and art aficionados are invited to explore the hotel’s creative space and engage with the urgent themes of environmental degradation and sustainability interpreted in Kico Camacho’s work.

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