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Arab Miss Universe Embraces Personal Activism in ‘Voice for Change’

The 72nd Miss Universe competition is currently in the process of accepting votes for the Voice for Change video contest. This initiative is a joint effort involving Miss Universe, Mouawad jewelry brand, and the sustainable communication platform CI Talks. It provides Miss Universe contestants with a platform to present their personal advocacies through a three-minute video, while also inspiring viewers to participate in advancing their respective causes.

Delegates from the Arab world, such as Bahrain, Egypt, and Lebanon, also presented their respective advocacies.

Miss Universe Bahrain, Lujane Yacoub, emphasized the importance of community centers in Bahrain, drawing from her personal experience as a young child with a hearing disability. Yacoub's journey began with her struggle in school, but she found solace when diagnosed with an audio processing disorder. Her local community center played a pivotal role in her life, where she discovered her talent for ballet and drawing, instilling hope in her. She now volunteers at a community center in Bahrain, aiming to inspire young artists in the same way.

Yacoub also highlighted the Bahrain Trust Foundation's efforts to establish and enhance community centers across Bahrain, creating accessible support and resources for every mother and child.

Miss Universe Lebanon, Maya Abou El-Hosn, passionately addressed the education crisis in Lebanon, citing statistics that reveal the dire state of literacy and educational enrollment in the country. She called for collective action to ensure that a whole generation of students doesn't fall behind, emphasizing the importance of empowering them to be self-reliant and productive rather than dependent on donations.

Finally, Mohra Tantawy, the reigning Miss Universe Egypt, addressed the critical need for humanitarian relief in a world where one in every 45 people needs immediate assistance because of conflicts, natural catastrophes, or relocation. She concentrated on the life-saving work of organizations like the Red Cross and Crescent. She asked everyone to help these organizations by making donations, offering their time, or just getting the word out. 

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