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Gain Control: Simple Lifestyle Changes for Menopausal Women

Women navigating uncomfortable menopause symptoms and searching for dietary adjustments to help curb unwanted weight gain, improve sleep and protect bone health will find actionable strategies and tips in Weight Loss Plan for Menopause: Use Your Diet to Get Through Menopause With a 7- Day Weight Loss Plan, from author Yara Green.

In this book, Green provides diet instructions, explanations and recipes designed specifically for women who are going through menopause to help them lose weight and improve symptoms.

“You don’t have to just accept what is happening as something you cannot do anything about,” Green writes in the book’s introduction. “You also do not need to turn to ineffective methods to help find relief from the symptoms. You can make the choice to implement changes that will help you gain control and allow you to feel at your best for years to come.”


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Green shares information about how particular diets impact weight and menopause symptoms and includes a 7-day meal plan for whichever diet a reader chooses. In this book, readers will learn:

  • How diet can help control weight during menopause
  • How lifestyle affects mood, weight and well-being in this transitional period
  • How to enjoy various delicious diets while maintaining the right nutrient balance and optimum blood sugar
  • How to make yummy Mediterranean, low-carb, vegan, vegetarian and DASH meals …and more.

Green aims to help women better understand how different foods and food groups affect menopause, weight and other symptoms, and advises which foods to avoid to prevent bloating, fat deposits and discomfort. 


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“Throughout my years of training, I’ve educated and supported millions of women to improve their health and fitness,” Green said. “I have learned a lot about what makes women want to change their lives for the better, as I have gone through the process myself.”

A Goodreads reviewer had this to say: “Yara Green explains menopause in a conversational way, beginning with perimenopause, and taking the reader through menopause and the years afterward. … With all the tidbits about vitamins, exercise, and sleep, and the recipes that conform to heart-healthy diets, the wealth of knowledge imparted by the author to her readers is impressive.” 

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