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Curious To Know What Your Clothes Say About You? Let Us Tell You.

Fashion isn’t just about what you wear, it’s how you wear it in a way that expresses your individuality and character. We each have our own way of dressing, and that can tell a lot about us and our personality.

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You’re all about natural flowy fabrics, neutral tones, creative layering and most importantly, comfort. You appreciate art, and embracing a free-spirited and non-conformist attitude towards what you wear.

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 You value timelessness and opt to only choose timeless quality pieces that never go out of style. You’re big on functionality and prefer ensembles that can be worn for any occasion without being bogged down by the stress of constantly keeping up with new trends.

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Glitz & Glam

Under the spotlight is where you want to be. You go beyond statement jewellery to showcase your love for everything that shines and glimmers. The style pieces you opt for are those with embedded stones and bold detailings that make your overall look a captivating visual centrepiece at any social event.

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Streetstyle, everyday

You wear what you feel like wearing. To you, it’s about finding staple fashion pieces that allow for effortless self expression. There’s no right or wrong here, for you it’s continuous experimenting with various looks before a signature or personal style is achieved.

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