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Watch French Algerian Star Sofia Boutella’s Film Rebel Moon

Here’s your scifi movie rec of the week.

Sofia Boutella, a renowned actress of French Algerian origin, recently starred in Rebel Moon on Netflix.

The film directed by Snyder is about a group of farmers on the edge of the galaxy that get visited by the armies of the Mother World which are the bad guys. The farmers have to decide to fight or submit.


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Snyder hinted at the expansive nature of the film, revealing that if the farmers had chosen to fight, they would have embarked on a journey across the galaxy to enlist warriors. In an earlier interview with Vanity Fair, the director discussed the magnitude of this Netflix project, a notion he had been working on since his undergraduate years.

"Rebel Moon" follows a woman with an enigmatic past who is dispatched by a peaceful colony on the outskirts of the galaxy to assemble a force of warriors in the face of a tyrant's threat. Originally conceived as a nearly three-hour movie based on Snyder's 72-page script, the project will now be released as two movies, along with two different cuts.

Boutella, who was born in Algiers and sought refuge in Paris with her family during the Algerian civil war, has previously portrayed a sword-wielding extraterrestrial in the critically acclaimed film "Star Trek Beyond," where she portrayed the fierce alien warrior Jaylah.

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