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A Look At Saudi Arabia's First Seaplane Venture "Fly Red Sea"

Red Sea Global's seaplane venture in Saudi Arabia, known as "Fly Red Sea," is aimed at ferrying travelers to the Red Sea's island resorts in the Kingdom. The company's initial fleet consists of four Cessna Caravan 208 seaplanes, all operating on sustainable aviation fuel, as detailed on RSG's website,

Each seaplane can carry a pilot and a maximum of six guests, including their luggage, for transportation to water-based resorts. Alternatively, it can host up to nine passengers for scenic tours across the entire destination, as indicated by RSG.

John Pagano, the Group CEO of Red Sea Global, which is responsible for the ambitious regenerative tourism developments of The Red Sea and Amaala, expressed his deep involvement in the establishment of Fly Red Sea. He emphasized their mission to explore technologies that reduce the aviation industry's environmental impact and prioritize creating fulfilling career opportunities for the people of Saudi Arabia.

Fly Red Sea's operational hub will be located at the Red Sea International (RSI) Airport in the Tabuk region's Hanak area. It's worth mentioning that this airport includes a specialized seaplane runway positioned parallel to the primary terminal.

According to their plans, Fly Red Sea intends to expand its fleet to nine seaplanes by 2028 and further to over 20 by 2030, aligning with the development stages of the destination. When fully developed by 2030, the new tourism destination will consist of 50 resorts, providing about 8,000 hotel rooms and more than 1,000 residential properties spread across 22 islands and six inland locations. According to,this location will also have upscale marinas, golf courses, entertainment, dining, and recreational facilities.

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